WGM Orthodontics sends a message about staff and patient safety.

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With virtually all healthcare businesses currently needing a way to send real-time communication while minimizing the need for in-person and phone interactions as much as possible, many practices without an easy-to-use solution are forced to shut their doors. Thankfully, WGM Orthodontics is leveraging text messaging to keep patient appointments and continue to serve its community. 


With text messaging, they are able to ask patients to wait in their cars, rather than congregate in the waiting room. The clinic can then text them when they have a room ready. Their patients have expressed gratitude to the clinic for keeping their health a top priority.

WGM said, “The response time and communication from Podium has been exemplary. In a situation that is ever-evolving and things must be done quickly, it’s nice to have support that’s willing to hop right on it. That personal contact and relationship is invaluable when you can’t wait for digital, impersonal, and automated customer relations departments to get things done as quickly as needed in a crisis.”


Using the Messenger and Webchat tools to text patients during this crisis continues to ensure that every patient continues to receive the healthcare they need, giving them the opportunity to not only make things convenient for their patients, but also protect their staff and patients alike.


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