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The #1 State Farm agent in Alberta reveals how he got there.

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The Challenge

25 years ago, when Ted Byrt got into the insurance business things were different. “We started in 1995, and grew an office from no customers to the largest in the city.” In a world without smartphones, marketing a local business required a hands-on approach. “We did it the old-fashioned way—knocking on doors and advertising in the Yellow Pages.” But business has changed a lot for Ted and his team since then. “Today, if you can’t rank on Google in the insurance business you’re in trouble.”

The Solution

Ted knew collecting reviews was crucial to outranking competitors on Google, but admittedly his process was far from perfect. “We had instructions on a piece of paper for how to do a Google review, or we would email them.” Even though the process worked occasionally, it wasn’t anyone’s favorite part of the day. “It’s hard to keep on your team when you’re not getting the results.”

He wasn’t waiting for a solution to walk right into his office, then one day it did. “We bought a security system from a company here in the city. At the end of the service he asked if I would do a review for him on Google. He pulled out his phone and sent me a review invite. I was sold. I contacted Podium and pretty much signed up on the spot.”

The Result

“I would’ve been happy with two or three reviews per month. In our first month we had 25.” Ted’s theories about the importance of reviews proved true. “We’re quoting more business because we have more Google reviews.” But despite their success with reviews, the biggest surprise came directly from customers. “We all feel good about ourselves because we get nice things said about us in a public forum.” Podium has transformed Ted’s business and the effect is being felt outside of Alberta. “I have a friend in Seattle who said he’d like more Google reviews, I said forget everything I’ve said before, just get Podium.”



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