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Riddle's Jewelry


Rapid City, SD



Jewelry software success

The Challenge

Since 1959, Riddle’s Jewelry has helped customers celebrate special moments with custom-designed jewelry made in America. Despite 65 years of good reviews, when it came to their online reputation, Riddle’s Jewelry was behind the times. “Reviews are what people are looking at when they’re finding a jeweler.” said Josh Holsworth, ecommerce manager at Riddle’s Jewelry. “You see some of your competitors and some of them had maybe 50 reviews,” according to Josh, “but most of our stores had maybe five reviews."

The Solution

As the ecommerce manager for Riddle’s Jewelry, Josh knew their customers loved them, but he was also painfully aware of the fact that Google didn't. “We want people to know that we are the number one jeweler in our locations.” To do that, Josh and his team knew they had to focus on the entire customer experience. After testing several solutions Riddle’s Jewelry landed on Podium.

The Result

Thanks to the convenience of Webchat, Podium quickly became a standard part of the customer journey at Riddle’s Jewelry. “To just simply send a message to the customer, it makes things so much simpler. We use it for letting our customers know when repairs, special orders, and cleaning checks are done.” Josh explained. But it does more than just save time, it also helps them increase sales.


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