Heart + Paw uses Podium to reduce in-person interactions.

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Heart and Paw is a wellness-oriented veterinary center also offering grooming and daycare. Since its inception last June, its mission has been to spread good health for pets, but due to the pandemic, they’ve broadened that mission to ensuring the safety of everyone in their community. “We want everyone to know we’re still here for them,” says Dr. George Melilo.  “We, too, are very concerned about the public and the safety of our team members, and because of that, we’ve put in place a curbside pickup to provide peace of mind to our pet families”.

Perhaps more importantly, though, are all the well-rounded steps they’ve taken to ensure that the pet families feel safe. They’ve updated their sites to include updated information on the health of their staff and the health status of any pet parents who may have contracted the virus.

They’re also using Webchat to answer incoming inquiries about their new employee policies, including their “no touch policy”, which encourages curbside pickup at the time of the scheduled visit, and ensures all staff members are using the necessary gear to keep themselves and the pets safe.

Using Podium, their team can more easily stay connected to their customers by sending quick picture and video updates that make their customers feel like they’re in the room. “Our pet parents have actually been loving the curbside pickup and no-touch policy,” said Dr. Killian Lenahen. “We get on the phone, talk them through their pet’s exam, and never perform any services without their consent. It has been working out great.”

With more than 7,000 monthly message interactions, it’s clear that the Heart and Paw team is going above and beyond to seamlessly transition their process and ensure all pet families are safe and happy after every visit. Texting through Podium has allowed them to stay in touch after appointments, and offer families CDC guidance on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus and ensure the wellbeing of their beloved family members, their pets.

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