As the weather finally cools and the holiday season approaches, small business owners know this is the final push for wrapping up a financial year brimming with cheer. A mere handful of weeks can greatly influence your overall performance and future outlook.

In 2021, US retail sales during the holiday season exceeded an astonishing 1.2 trillion dollars as consumers flocked to their favorite storefronts. Rising inflation may impact the upcoming retail season, but many consumers are prepared to spend when offered tantalizing discounts.

It’s crucial to plan a variety of holiday campaigns to remind customers of the value your business provides. Don’t worry if you’re just starting out—you’ve still got time to make this holiday season your best one yet. 

There are many avenues for advertising your promotions with flair. One of the most effective strategies is text marketing, also known as SMS marketing.

The Basics of Marketing with Text Messages

Text message marketing is a method of communicating with customers who opt in to receive communication from you via Short Message Service (SMS) on their mobile devices. Not only is this a useful tool for advertising, but it also provides services that help customers accomplish tasks. 

Sending marketing messages through text is effective for many reasons. Here are just a few of the top selling points for customer texting:

For small businesses especially, SMS marketing offers a significant return on investment. According to a survey report, more than half of customers stopped at a nearby restaurant or retail location after receiving a mobile coupon. Text promotions make people take action. 

Best of all, automating promotional text messages is a low effort task for you that won’t require an enormous time commitment or intense technical knowledge.

 holiday text promo man

Why Text Marketing is a Holiday Season Game Changer

Following back-to-school sales, autumn and winter bring a bounty of opportunities for retailers to move inventory. Customer texting is a win for both sides. You’ve got financial goals to meet and inventory to replace. Meanwhile, your customers are planning holiday gatherings and hunting for the perfect gifts. 

Everyone is in a rush, hoping everything falls into place on time, but you aren’t a powerless spectator. Thoughtful holiday campaigns can rescue your bottom line and your customer’s gift exchange. All it takes is some well-timed promotions delivered straight to your customer’s phone, whether they’re shopping from home or on the go.

Predictions indicate customers are looking for these deals early during the highest selling shopping season, so catch their eyes with a text alert before your competitors do. And remember to theme each message to match the sentiment of the holiday marketing season.

Captivate Customers with These Year-End SMS Promotions

We’ve rounded up several SMS promotion ideas to accompany your end-of-the-year celebrations. Customize these text message templates to fit your brand’s personality while capturing the essence of the season. 

Keep in mind that texts are usually casual and conversational, so think of your customer as a friend who’s eager to snag amazing deals. Can you speak their language and match that vibe with enticing solutions to their holiday dilemmas?

Fall in Love with Outstanding Savings

Autumn is a good time to clear old inventory and welcome the crisp, cool air. Create a cozy mood for your customers by tapping into their senses. For example, the texture of a warm blanket, the crunch of fallen leaves, and the scent of pumpkin spice permeating indoor spaces. Translate this atmosphere into your communication.

Happy first day of Fall from [BUSINESS NAME] 🍁🍂 Take an extra X% off clearance and get free delivery through [DATE]. View our in-stock items here: [LINK]

Halloween Deals So Good You’ll Get Chills

The Halloween season is a frightfully fun time for anyone who appreciates spooky stories and dark ambience. It’s also a brief invitation for anyone to cast off the mundane and explore other identities by donning their costume of choice. Can you get your customers in the spirit with a compelling treat?

Trick or treat, [CONTACT NAME]! 🎃 Get [DEAL] this month at [BUSINESS NAME]. But hurry, scary good deals like this won’t last! Find out more at [LINK]

Highlight Customer Appreciation on Thanksgiving

Show your loyal customers gratitude throughout November. Thank them for everything they’ve done for your small business throughout the year with a meaningful discount. Whether you think of your customers as family or would invite them to your next Friendsgiving, making them feel like part of an appreciative community matters.

[BUSINESS NAME]: Hey, [CONTACT NAME] This year, we’re thankful for YOU! 🙌 To show our gratitude, we’re offering X% off all [PRODUCT/SERVICE] through the end of this month. Text us to schedule something.

client gratitude example text

Warm Up to Customers During the Coziest Season

Customers are spending more time indoors as the temperature drops into discomfort. Your task is to reach consumers in their homes with encouraging imagery of crackling fireplaces and steaming hot chocolate. Up the ante with nostalgic film references. How else can your business cozy up to customers seeking low-key relaxation?

Hey [CONTACT NAME], it’s [EMPLOYEE NAME] from [BUSINESS NAME]. Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to stay indoors for Netflix and chill! Cozy up on our best-rated [PRODUCT]. Stop by the store today or order online at: [LINK]

Exclusive Black Friday Deals for Subscribers

There’s no side-stepping the chaos of Black Friday shopping. This modern American tradition is an excellent opportunity to reward your subscribing customers with irresistible deals ahead of the competition. It’s also important to remind everyone that small businesses are a worthy stop on Black Friday, whether online or in person.

Pssst—The [BUSINESS NAME] Black Friday special is here an hour early for everyone on our text list! Take X% off any [PRODUCT] order on [DATE]. Use code: THANKS at checkout. Start shopping now! [LINK]

Don’t Forget Small Business Saturday Savings

As a small business owner, don’t skip out on Small Business Saturday. Keep the momentum of Black Friday going into the next day by showing customers that smaller brands have loads of value too. Plus, you can position your shopping experience as a personal, relaxing alternative to crowded retail giants.

Hi [CONTACT NAME]! Don’t miss our [BUSINESS NAME] Small Business Saturday Sale! X% off furniture and mattresses 🛏 😴 ! Sale ends 11/28 at 8pm! Visit our website to see all offers: [LINK]

small business saturday example

Take the Pressure Off with Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday gift-giving can be tricky. Everyone wants to see their loved ones’ eyes light up upon receiving a personalized gift, but it’s not always easy finding these treasures. Plus, even the most generous people don’t always know where to look. Lead the way with some convenient suggestions full of festive merriment.

Hey, [CONTACT NAME], [BUSINESS NAME] just dropped a Holiday Gift Guide! Check it out—we’re sure you’ll find a little something for everyone on your list this year! [LINK]

Unload Inventory with End-of-Year Clearances

The week after Christmas is still prime shopping time. Not only are consumers exchanging unwanted gifts and swooping in on deep post-holiday discounts, but they’re also eager to use the gift cards they’ve received. Jump on the chance to move last season’s merchandise with dramatic price reductions.

Hi [CONTACT NAME]! Just a reminder—X% off year-end clearance sale PLUS up to 12 months of no-interest financing. 💸 Stop by our store and see the HOT deals or shop online anytime: [LINK]

Welcome a New Year and a Whole New You

It’s just a date on the calendar, but many of us equate the new year with a fresh start. Sometimes customers seek internal growth, while others crave external change. What problems are your customers tackling and how do your products and services align with those goals? Timely coupons can help customers keep their resolutions.

New hair, new YOU! ✨ Get ready for the new year with $X off all cuts and colors this week only! Respond here to schedule an appointment with [BUSINESS NAME].

fresh cuts example

Add SMS Marketing to Your Holiday Campaigns Today

In order to benefit from the potential sales boost provided by text marketing this holiday season, you’re going to need a platform that helps you coordinate your customer lists, text message templates, delivery schedules, and more. A smooth holiday campaign is within reach using Podium’s tried-and-true platform. Start your SMS campaign with our starter plan today and don’t forget to swipe some ideas from our templates above to get you going in no time.

Isaiah Rendorio
Isaiah Rendorio Product Marketing Manager, Campaigns

Isaiah Rendorio is the Product Marketing Manager for Podium Campaigns—helping local businesses tap into the power of SMS marketing to strengthen customer relationships, increase customer lifetime value, and drive more revenue.

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