Learn how text message reminders can help you reduce missed appointments, remove friction from the payment process, and more.

Did you know that consumers are twice as likely to prefer text messages over any other form of communication? That’s right—today’s modern customer wants you to text them. So, if text message marketing isn’t part of your strategy, it’s time to incorporate it.

In this article, you’ll learn why business text messaging is so effective, how companies can use text messaging to improve customer communication, why text messaging is the key to ending the dreaded customer chase, and we’ll even share a few templates you can make your own.

Why (and How) You Should Be Using Business Text Messaging 

Why are text messages so popular among consumers? It’s very straightforward. Business texting has a 209% higher response rate than phone calls, email, and Facebook for a reason.

Instead of trailing through an oversaturated inbox or social media feed, concise text messages simply pop up, making it easy for customers to respond immediately. The modern customer craves convenience, and with text messaging, an instant connection is made and little effort is required for the customer to respond.

Once you learn what is SMS reminder, you’ll discover that there are many ways to incorporate text messaging into your customer communications. Business texting can be used for:

  • Transactional text messages like payment or appointment reminders
  • Promotional purposes that encourage customer engagement
  • New product or service announcements
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Creative campaigns that include pictures, videos, or GIFS

Cost Effectiveness of Text Reminders

Businesses lose money when their customers miss their appointments. One of the best ways to prevent this is by sending customers text messaging reminders the day before the appointment. Set up automatic text message reminders and schedule the messages to be sent to the client at selected intervals before the allotted appointment. This way, the customer gets a convenient reminder and he or she doesn’t miss the appointment.

Using automatic text reminders costs less than paid manhours, but it is more than that. Remind your clients to come in helps reduce missed appointments, and therefore missed sales. Many text messaging platforms offer affordable services so you can easily make an ROI on your investment in a text marketing tool.

Text Reminders That Will Get Customers to Your Door

Using friendly and professional SMS reminders is an ideal way to get customers through the doors. There are several different reminders that are effective in improving foot traffic to your business.

For instance, you can send transactional messages in addition to the basic appointment reminders you can send. Some of these include brand specific reminders, response requested SMS client reminder, detail-specific reminders, friendly detail-specific reminders, follow-up reminders, as well as ongoing connection reminders. Each of these SMS messages offers another way to connect with your client.

The idea is to build a routine of texting regularly, but not too frequently, with a variety of reminders or even useful information. This helps build your relationship with your clients and the reputation of your business. These text messages are a budget-friendly means of marketing and keeping up with customers. Text marketing is also an excellent means of growing your business while keeping costs under control.

Keep reading to get a closer look at text templates for automated SMS reminders your business can benefit from.

In a nutshell, business text messaging is a simple way to keep your customers in the loop and provide a smooth customer experience. The era of slow, inconvenient communication is over.

Text messages and SMS appointment reminders are taking over. In addition, it is an easy means of getting reminders out to customers, so appointments are kept and quotas are met.

Automatic text reminders and marketing campaigns create business without all the extra work. When done properly, SMS marketing campaigns bring in tons of business for a fraction of the cost in both time and money.

And because text messaging makes reaching your customers so much easier, it can help you end the dreaded customer chase.

We’ve been there—trying to reach uninterested or unresponsive customers. There’s nothing more frustrating than a missed appointment, an outstanding payment, or a highly anticipated event that ends up with a less-than-average turnout. And reaching out over and over via phone or email exhausts your internal time and resources.

That’s where text reminders come in.

Text Reminder Templates to Use

All this might seem complex, and don’t get us wrong, building an efficient text message reminder system isn’t always easy—it can take some planning and strategizing. But trust us when we say it will be worth it.

To make things easier, here are some reminder templates to kickstart your efforts.

Text Messaging Template #1: Payment Reminders


Just a quick reminder that your payment of [PAYMENT AMOUNT] is due on [DATE]. Feel free to call or text [PHONE NUMBER] with any questions. Thanks!

Why this is effective business texting: No one likes to be caught off guard by payment due dates. Keep your customers informed about upcoming payments by sending a text message reminder a few days before the payment is due. Practical reminders like this one create a transparent and attentive customer experience, as customers won’t feel like you’re rushing them.

Text Messaging Template #2: Appointment Reminders

Hi [CONTACT NAME]. 👋 You’ve got an appointment coming up. We look forward to seeing you at [COMPANY] on [DATE] at [TIME].

If plans have changed and you can no longer make it, please reschedule or cancel your appointment here: [LINK]

Why this is effective business texting: No-shows can be a nightmare for employees and customers. And in most cases, they’re completely avoidable. By sending a text reminder a few days before appointments, you can significantly reduce no-shows. The customer can easily reschedule ahead of time so he or she doesn’t miss out on receiving your amazing service. You don’t miss out on income from reservations. Everyone wins.

Pro tip: A good business text messaging platform or automated text reminder service will allow you to schedule these kinds of reminders for hassle-free automated reminder texts.

Text Messaging Template #3: Annual Reminders

Hey there [CONTACT NAME], we’ve missed you!

It’s been a year since your last [SERVICE TYPE] appointment at [COMPANY], so you’re due another check-up soon. We just want to ensure everything is as it should be. Find a time that’s convenient for you through our booking link: [LINK]

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Why this is effective business texting: Creating a sustainable business relies on keeping repeat customers, especially if you have an appointment-based business model such as in the medical or automotive industry.

Don’t let your customers forget about you. Increase customer retention by sending scheduled text reminders that keep your business fresh in their minds.

Text Messaging Template #4: Holiday Hours Reminders

Happy Holidays, [CONTACT NAME]!

If you need to purchase some last-minute gifts, please keep in mind our updated holiday hours, which you can find here: [LINK]

Our staff is ready to help you spread the holiday cheer! 🎄

Why this is effective business texting: The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Make sure your customers know if you have updated holiday hours so they know when they can drop by. As a bonus, sending text messages during the holiday season allows you to inspire your loyal customers with ideas for those last-minute presents they need to buy.

Pro tip: To incentivize your customers to shop with you, add an exclusive discount code to these kinds of text reminders.

Text Messaging Template #5: Event Reminders

Have you marked your calendar, [CONTACT NAME]?

We just wanted to remind you that [COMPANY] is hosting [EVENT] on [DATE] at [TIME]. We hope to see you there.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your place ASAP: [LINK]

Why this is effective business texting: Is there anything more disappointing than pouring all of your time and energy into planning an event only to find that the turnout is minimal when the big day finally arrives? With text messaging reminders, you can make sure your customers don’t forget to attend.

Before you get much further on your SMS marketing campaign, visit the Podium site and make sure to do the following two things:

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Pro tip: You could even segment the contacts on your text messaging service and highlight certain benefits of the event to specific groups. In addition, mix it up with some smart tips to keep your brand well-rounded and offer your clients something more than just a sale.

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