As the world shifts online, learning how to optimize your online presence is the key to winning customers, and closing leads. At this point, most roofing business owners already know that having a roofing website is important, but simply having a roofing website won’t help you stand out from the competition. 

A strategic way to capture an online audience and beat out the competition is to use different internet marketing tactics, such as local roofing SEO, roofing website optimization, YouTube marketing, and more. The tricky thing is, when it comes to marketing SEO and other forms of internet marketing, no one has the years of experience that they do in other forms of traditional marketing. 

While integrating these new forms of internet marketing might present a new challenge for roofing companies, it also provides a huge opportunity to gain an entirely new crowd of online customers. 

Here are three ways that your roofing business can gain more customers online through roofing SEO:

01. Create a User-Friendly Experience 

You can send people to your roofing website, but if your roofing website isn’t user friendly, you can’t expect them to stay. It only takes 0.05 seconds for users to decide whether they’ll stay or leave your website, so it’s essential that your website is attractive and user friendly.

One way you improve your roofing website and boost overall lead generation for your roofing business is by hiring a marketing agency to help with website reconstruction. 50.48% of online traffic is mobile, so as you correspond with your website builder, consider requesting a mobile-first or mobile-friendly design. Other helpful functions for a roofing business are built-in functionality and built-in roofing SEO features. This allows you to incorporate things like a search bar, website navigation tabs, and back-end roofing SEO keywords. 

During your website’s construction, establishing a clear visual hierarchy to help guide your customers through your website is a great way to capture leads. Working with marketing agencies that understand the roofing industry is a great way to ensure that your customers are guided through your website in a strategic and effective way for a roofing business. For example, filling out service requests and quote forms is unique to roofing companies, so having a template that directs customers to your roofing services first and a service request form second is a logical and straightforward way to guide your customers. 

You can also use another marketing strategy to add reviews, testimonials, and online star ratings from Facebook, Google, and search engines to give your high-quality roofing business credibility. 92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase, so it’s vital that your online reputation is managed and utilized strategically.

Two local Colorado companies that have done an excellent job optimizing their roofing websites to increase user engagement are Schroder Roofing Co. and Fort Collins Roofing Company

Schroder Roofing Co. included a company video to visualize their services, an appointment request form, and a referral page that rewards you for referring their services to others. 

screenshot of Schroder Roofing Co. website

Fort Collins Roofing Company included a free roofing inspection form, reviews, and awards that they’ve won to add credibility to their roofing services. 

screenshot of Fort Collins Roofing Company website

Adding additional features unique to the roofing industry, like a contact form, live webchat, and icons, can help improve your website’s user experience and be easier to engage with. When your new website brings an influx of potential customers to your site, including features like Podium’s live webchat makes communicating with customers effortless. It helps to make your customer interactions more personalized.

02. Improve local search 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a series of roofing SEO keywords you can add to your roofing website to attract more organic traffic online. With this digital marketing tool, you’ll also attract more “relevant traffic” when people Google Search your roofing SEO keywords, which just means that you’re getting visits from more compatible leads that are looking for roofing services. So, the more roofing-related website traffic you receive, the more likely you are to convert a lead into a customer

Roofing SEO acts as a robust digital marketing strategy, and the way you can begin to optimize your roofing website is through roofing SEO keyword research. By using the right roofing SEO keywords, you gain a competitive edge in your online visibility as people Google Search your services, and drive organic traffic to your website that’s actually in need of roofing companies. If you’re curious about roofing SEO keyword rankings, you can check out this roofing SEO keyword rankings list. If you’re looking for some additional help and don’t mind spending a little more cash, there are also various roofing SEO services available if you’re hoping to save some time.

Another way to help improve your online presence, drive relevant traffic to your website, and boost lead generation is through optimizing your Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile is a free, easy-to-use online marketing tool for businesses, designed to help business owners like you manage their online presence on Google—including Google Search and Google Maps. 

How does Google Business Profile work? Well, when someone in your area searches for a local service, such as “roofing company in Wausau, WI,” Google quickly weighs all of the information it knows about those search terms and creates a curated list of the best roofing businesses that meet those requirements.

Customers can quickly check out your services, see business hours, view each roofing company’s star ratings, read reviews, and ultimately decide if they’re interested in working with you. Google Business Profiles are a powerful way to increase your search engine visibility and reach new customers looking for businesses just like yours. 

A well-optimized Google Business Profile also boosts your business’s reputation by leveraging the power of online reviews. Since 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as word of mouth recommendations, a listing packed with 5 star reviews, and glowing feedback is one of the cornerstones of a reliable search engine strategy. 

An optimized web presence on popular platforms like Google Business Profile encourages customers to check out your roofing website and learn more about your local service offerings. 

With a Google Business Profile account, you get more than a business listing. And better yet? You get it for free. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps, so you can post photos and offers to your profile to illustrate what makes your roofing business unique. By optimizing your Google Business Profile account with accurate hours, contact info, directions, and more, you give customers reasons to choose you every time. 

Austin Roofing and Construction’s Google Business Profile is an excellent example of an optimized listing. They include all of their location and contact information, a slew of high-quality reviews, photos, and they’ve even responded to customer reviews to show potential consumers how thoughtful they are.

screenshot of Austin Roofing and Construction’s Google Business Profile Austin Roofing and Construction’s screenshot of Google Business Profile review screenshot of Austin Roofing and Construction’s google reviews

And since your customers are already-fit to connect, by updating your Google Business Profile, your customers can call, message, or leave reviews all in one place. Plus, with Podium’s Review tool, you can collect tons of new reviews—it’s as easy as sending a text. With a new, simple way to transact online, you can generate more leads than ever before. 

03. Promote your website to increase traffic

The final way to improve your roofing SEO is to increase website traffic through link building and improving your presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and more. 

Link building is the process of collecting hyperlinks from other websites on your own roofing website. A hyperlink, or a link, is a way for users to navigate between different web pages. Search engines like Google use links to crawl the web or index websites’ content to be searched. There are many techniques for building links, and while they vary in difficulty, most roofing SEO services tend to agree that link building is one of the hardest parts of their jobs. For that reason, if you can master the art of building high-quality links to improve your search results, it can truly put you ahead of the competition, even if they’re also using roofing SEO.

MoZ chart of thematic clusters for ranking factors the factors of SEO according to Moz

As a local roofing business, it’s also important to have an impressive social media presence. Whether you’re running a small, home-based business or working for a large company, using YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms is an effective way to reach your audience and add credibility to your products and services. 

On any of these social media platforms you can provide a behind-the-scenes look at how your roofing business runs, you can create DIY projects related to roofing, share informative videos on basic repairs, and more . 

You can also use social media outlets to network and make connections, and YouTube is no exception. If you allow viewers to post comments on your videos, you can provide answers and create a connection with them. Plus, if a potential customer sees one of your videos on social media, they may end up becoming a lead in the future. 

Overall, social media acts as a more fun, creative, and interactive form of digital marketing that can get potential customers engaged and interested, and it can make your roofing business stand out from the rest.

Spend a little time on roofing SEO and see significant results.

Implementing this trifecta of roofing SEO tips can make a huge difference in your online presence, meaning that you could see a huge influx of potential customers online as well. But more customers only means more profits if you’re able to manage them all effectively. With a well-rounded set of marketing tools like Podium kit, you can request reviews, chat with customers live online, and get paid via text, all from the same place. Stop ignoring those much needed online upgrades, and start improving your roofing SEO for your roofing company so you can edge out the competition every time.

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