It happens to even the best businesses. You’ve done everything right, but you’ve plateaued. You’ve got some great repeat customers, and you get a few new plumbing leads here and there, but you just aren’t getting that ‘beat-down-the-door’ string of leads. It’s time to take a hard look at your digital marketing plan.

Just hearing the words digital marketing might make your eyes roll back in your head, but it’s not that complicated. We’ve put together some excellent information for you that you can start to put into use as soon as today. After this article, you’ll be able to use these digital marketing strategies to create new lead generation that takes your plumbing business to the next level. 

How to Get More Plumbing Leads Every Week


This stands fo Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process by which websites are appropriately structured with headings, subheadings, keywords, meta tags, and so forth. This will be worth paying a web developer who is skilled in SEO. Adding great content that is aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and evergreen is also part of the puzzle. It will bring leads to you if you do it right. You’ll show up in search results when your website is optimized and as a result, you’ll have high-quality leads that are more likely to convert. Who doesn’t want high-quality leads? People viewing your website are potential customers. They are there because they need a plumbing job done, more often than not. They may be thinking about having some work done. Ensure that your website is geared to your target audience and that your contact information is right at the top. Look at the above photo. Their phone number is blatantly in the “let’s talk” box that pops up. Aside from plumbing service, they do other types of work. Do you? Tell the consumer what you do.

This is why so many companies are turning to blogs on their sites. Blogs allow websites to add strategic SEO- rich content, along with photos. Articles that pertain to your business, offering solutions to common plumbing problems, will bring readers who turn into leads. Offering them a free estimate, an ebook, or a newsletter will produce email leads, phone numbers, and more. Improving one’s contentis an excellent strategy that is too often overlooked. Look at the visually engaging way that Greer’s Family Plumbing has offered links to more information based on the services they offer. They’ve also incorporated a chatbox feature that we’ll talk more about later. It’s a must-have tool in today’s virtual world of business. Lead generation has to be your biggest concern.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Sign Up Page 

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Google. Google dominates the search engines market with 92.18% of the market share. Lead generation is dependent upon making Google happy. When you make Google happy, you will get plumbing leads. 

An incredible 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.  Google is synonymous with “search engine.” You want to do all within your power to be seen and ranked by Google.

Luckily for you, Google has made it easy for business owners to create digital marketing/lead generation tools. They have a specific site called “Google Business Profile” to check your business presence online. You cannot get plumbing leads if you aren’t online. Period. Are you there? Is it right? Is it easy to find your phone number? Customers will want to call you if they have an emergency. How can you improve your online footprint? It’s all right there at your fingertips! Plumbing lead generation isn’t a mystery, but effective plumbing marketing will take some work on your part. Google can help you figure it out. 

Social Media

This is another way to be seen, but more importantly, it allows you to engage with your potential customers (lead generation). By responding to plumbing questions in an open forum, you can win new customers who will message you to determine when you can come over for an estimate. Another part of the social media strategy should include watching other business sights.

This is not meant negatively at all. It’s good to become a member of a large plumbing group where you can answer questions and be seen, sometimes adding a link to an article at the blog on your website for others to read is a great lead generation tool. When utilized properly, social media accounts can be a gold mine. Get more plumbing gigs by reaching more people. To do that, go where the people are! Imagine having an Instagram account for your business with a million followers because you post great pics with your blog links?

Again, it’s free. You can open accounts with your business name in a few clicks and it is totally worth it. If it begins to feel too crazy to keep up with two or three social media accounts, you can use a social media management program, such as Hootesuite. It will link to all your accounts, allowing you to manage them from one place. You can create your posts for each site, for the entire week, in a few hours on one day. Schedule them when you want them to post and that’s it, you’re done!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Want more leads for your plumbing business? Here is a simple guide you can follow that can help you attract new plumbing leads every week.  

This is a form of advertising that you’ll spend money on. It has been added last for a reason. You should put all of your free options to work first. Many businesses don’t pay for advertising by managing their social media and website SEO properly. When you are ready for some major hits on your website after you’ve streamlined it perfectly, then PPC ads might be worth your time and money.

The easiest way to get started with this is, yet again, using Google. They’ve got a program called Google Ads. You can do your advertising with a little practice. If you are new to this and the concepts seem a bit foreign to you, consider taking a course. There are many free courses that you can take to learn everything you need to know about Google Ads.

In Conclusion – Putting It All Together

The above solutions include three of which are free. It may seem like a daunting task, but it can be done with some effort. You can utilize some tools to help you along the way, like the tool we mentioned above that will help you manage your time.

Other tools, such as Podium will help you in ways that you may not have imagined yet. Remember the chatbox pointed out in the first image of the Greer’s Family Plumbing? Podium offers a chat tool that can be integrated with your website, allowing your customers to reach you at the hours you determine. Respond to them quickly. Answer their question and set an appointment. You’ve got a hot lead.

You can increase your business leads by more than ten-fold when you add the above techniques to your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. You’ll find that tools like Podium also offer some help to streamline your entire business by keeping your team in constant contact with each other. You’ll also learn how to get customers to leave you a five-star review that you can use in your advertising, on your website, and for social media posts. People love to read reviews before they hire a company. If you’re providing excellent service, show it off. You’ll win more leads and another interesting fact – it will help bring more traffic to your website when reviewed via Google. They take all of that into consideration when they send traffic to your website and rank you. 

Make new habits, create a routine that fits your life. Use resources like social media management tools to create ads and posts all in one day, within a few hours. Use a business-building tool such as Podium that will streamline your business management and help you funnel leads to your phone every single day. You’ll start hearing from customers in real-time. You’ll get reviews constantly popping up in your feed that show the local community that when they want a plumber, you’re the only choice they need.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson Strategic Home Services Account Executive

Jennifer Wilson is a home services professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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