NPS Software gives you a simple, highly valuable measurement of your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to your business. Podium’s Gather Feedback, just one tool in their Customer Interaction Platform, is one of the fastest, most effective, and most accurate tools to obtain direct customer input so companies can track their NPS score in real-time. 


How Podium Provides NPS Software

Podium’s Gather Feedback, just one tool in their Customer Interaction Platform, is one of the fastest, most effective, and most accurate tools to obtain direct customer input so companies can track their NPS score in real-time. Businesses have been using their NPS (Net Promotor Score) to gauge overall customer satisfaction for decades. But, in today’s online marketplace, it has become more challenging for businesses to gather the data needed to determine their NPS. 


NPS is a Needed Metric

Podium’s NPS software gives you a straightforward measurement of how your customers truly feel about your business. In turn, you gain valuable feedback that your business needs so you can take the appropriate actions that will keep your customers coming back. Podium Customer Feedback sends two automated texts to customers at any interaction point of your choosing. 

The first text asks them to rate your business on a scale from 1 to 10. The following text asks why they chose that rating. Based on their response, Podium NPS software automatically ranks your business on a scale of -100 to 100. A score above 0 is good, while a score above 50 is excellent. 


NPS Software Helps You Increases Your NPS Score

Customers get divided into three groups based on their responses —promoters, passives, and detractors. This helps you provide better customer service to all customers while selectively targeting those most likely to leave positive—and negative—reviews. 

Promoters are those customers who have had a very positive experience with your brand. They love your business and can be re-targeted immediately to leave a positive review. You can rely on this group for repeat business and to help you drive new leads through referrals. You could potentially even reach out to them to become online brand ambassadors. 

Passives are customers who are considered “indifferent”, based on survey responses, and could be more easily lured away by your competition through a better price, creative advertising, or other convenience factors. To better serve this group, you can reach out right away to find out what your staff can do in the future to turn them into promoters. Just the act of providing this above-and-beyond customer service and showing that you care about their needs could sway them toward becoming loyal to your brand.

Detractors are the customer group who has had a bad experience with your brand or employees. They could potentially damage your business reputation by sharing their negative experiences with others, both online and offline. It’s crucial to contact them promptly to get to the root of their problem and resolve it. You may be able to repair your business relationship with them if you act quickly, resulting in a positive review of your customer service despite their initial perceptions of your business.


Get Higher NPS Response Rates

The current challenge businesses face today in getting their NPS score is that customer response rates are low. If you send your customers an email asking for reviews, you can expect that only 20 percent will open it. If you try to collect NPS data through a traditional survey, your response rate will likely be even lower. Podium’s modern Customer Feedback tool is 5x more likely to get a response from your customers than traditional email-based tools.

Podium’s Customer Feedback tool gives you the pulse on customer perceptions in real-time. It determines your NPS through rapid, customer-preferred messaging channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger, with no web links or surveys to fill out. This method makes it more convenient for your customers to respond and closes the feedback loop faster. 

On average, businesses who use Customer Feedback receive 80 percent of responses within two hours. This gives you the capability to immediately address customer concerns, fix what’s wrong, and make informed improvements in your customer journey.


Get Podium NPS Software

Podium Customer Feedback’s NPS software provides you with instant access to invaluable data and customer metrics. Receive a notification each time a customer responds to an automated NPS text. This allows you to connect with detractors right away, solve their issues, and avoid a potential negative review. It also gives your brand that important (but brief) window of opportunity to target promoters and ask them to leave a positive review on their experience. Podium’s NPS software provides analytics which helps you track feedback trends over time. This way, changes can be implemented to meet your customers’ needs and continue to exceed their expectations.


How Ashley Furniture HomeStore is Using Podium Feedback to Optimize Its Customer Experience

Ashley Furniture HomeStore  started out their journey with a high NPS score—but the powerhouse furniture brand needed a powerful NPS software solution to help them maintain it. They immediately began receiving more customer responses when they started using Podium’s Customer Feedback tool. In fact, in less than 12 months, the business had received 20,000 customer responses through Customer Feedback. 

Thanks to instant response notifications, they could now immediately connect with customers who had a less than stellar experience and address and resolve issues quickly, This has helped them maintain and continually improve their NPS rating.

Nico Dato
Nico Dato Executive Vice President of Marketing

Nico Dato is the EVP of Marketing at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers. He fuses his passion for statistics, design, and digital marketing to produce measurable results.

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