No company or firm that succeeds and grows in today’s competitive business environment can get there on its own. You may know that true leaders often rely on the expertise and knowledge of others. So, one of their favorite resources to get the latest information on new technologies, legal news, and industry insights are legal blogs. And note that a much sought-after trait in the modern law industry is commercial awareness. Also, this is what mainly distinguishes an individual from a crowd in the grueling rush to secure more contracts.

A legal blog is written by some of the most respected experts and professionals in their fields. They are also free. If you are the owner of a law firm and post a question, you may get an answer to your question directly from the gurus, which is convenient.

If you wish you had a better and more comprehensive understanding of the US legal system or would like to learn how you can think like a savvy attorney, we think that you will enjoy reading these law-related blogs. You will enjoy these law blogs as they are an excellent way to gain commercial awareness and insights. Also, they provide analysis and opinions in a more relaxed environment.

Some blogs are written specifically for attorneys and lawyers. However, even these blogs provide valuable commentary and insights that can help non-lawyers or junior staff in your law firm learn more about the theories, methods, and principles of law to stay ahead of the curve.

You will likely know that content is now being consumed online more quickly, more widely, and more voraciously than in the past. Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of blogs alone?

So, when you are scouring the internet for a sector-specific law resource, such as patent law, or for dependable and reliable insights into the most recent legal developments, such as legal tech, the sheer array of law blogs and resources on offer may seem overwhelming. You will find everything from in-house operations and intellectual property to criminal law.  So, how can you sort through all of these law blogs to find the best ones around? 

To save you valuable time, we have compiled a list of 13 top legal blogs that you must follow if you are a law firm owner.


1. Lawyerist Blog

The core focus of the Lawyerist is to develop the family of small-firm lawyers and legal professionals who are developing sustainable and effective law practices for the next twenty years and beyond.  Underpinning some of the tools and amazing advice that is shared on Lawyerist are a set of processes and best-practices that all law firm owners should employ to run their firm.

And even if you don’t want to set up your own law practice, this blog can easily give you the same insights and knowledge that practicing lawyers and attorneys use to shape the future of law. Some of the topics include legal marketing, legal technology, and legal events. It focuses on quickly growing the legal technology industry and the way it helps legal professionals understand, assess, analyze and design the law.


2. A Typo in the Constitution

Greg Callus is the author of A Typo in the Constitution. He is currently studying for his prestigious Ph.D. in Law at a very esteemed Russell Group University. The best thing about this blog is that Greg Callus displays extensive knowledge and expertise of the workings of the law to keep you one step ahead. And he can express a neutral and unbiased point of view, allowing readers to reach their own conclusions on many credible areas of law and recent cases, which is excellent. The blog is also thought-provoking. He also uses his extensive journalism techniques in order to highlight and emphasize the significance of such legal situations, so you will appreciate this blog.


3. In-House Ops

In-House Ops is published by Law Business Media, and boasts a remarkable 25-year tenure in the legal industry. And it is worth noting that In-House Ops partners with elite law firms and corporate law department leaders from all around the globe in order to create high-quality and informational content that you will enjoy. You can count on this amazing blog for articles about career development, law department administration, and in-house legal technology.


4. Disputing

Disputing is another insightful blog, authored by Karl Bayer, a famous dispute resolution specialist based in Austin, Texas.  The blog aims to offer you legal insight and sound commentary around issues relating to mediation, arbitration, and the alternative dispute resolution industry.  So, if you’re an ADR practitioner or want to study law to enter the field and expand your services, disputing will certainly help you learn more about the art and science of dispute resolution.


5. Justia

This blog is an excellent online platform that provides the community with quick and open access to legal information, the law, and lawyers. As a law firm owner, you will like Justia as it delivers premium and innovative marketing solutions to lawyers who are looking to expand their online marketing reach. If you are looking for a comprehensive resource, you will not go wrong with this blog.


6. LawSites

It would not be surprising if you recognize the famous founder of this law blog, Robert Ambrogi, from all his work as a columnist for the ABA Journal and Above the Law.  LawSites is a valuable blog as it focuses specifically on legal tech, offering insights into the latest legal tech products as well as websites.


7. Answering Legal

You will enjoy reading Answering Legal as it provides your law firm with a highly trained and professional answering service, regardless of its size. The blog features everything from the benefits of hiring legal intake professionals to legal marketing tips. This allows aspiring lawyer firm owners to pick up on issues they might wish to focus on.   


8. The LawProse Blog

LawProse is one of America’s leading providers of CLE training in legal writing, drafting and editing. Did you know that since 1991, LawProse has successfully conducted seminars on legal writing and editing for over 160,000 lawyers as well as judges around the globe? And the LawProse blog has more than 300 legal writing lessons. The blog explores the written communication side of law in detail and how lawyers and non-lawyers can enhance their writing skills in all facets.

So, if you would like your law staff to write like a lawyer, then the LawProse blog can improve their legal communication abilities and help you in the long run.



The best thing about is that it can be your all-inclusive and insightful legal newspaper. Isn’t that great! You will like this blog as here you will find trending legal stories, the latest news, the LegalSpeak podcast, and even press releases. It is a highly educational blog and is incredibly relatable, engaging and interesting to read!

Also, note that you can access many useful tools such as their legal dictionary, verdict search, and legal communities’ directory, which can be very handy and may save your associates’ time.


10. TheContractsGuy

You know contracts are essential for your law firm and your clients. TheContractsGuy is a blog as well as a person. Brian Rogers created this amazing blog as a valuable resource to the generalists who don’t specialize in commercial transactions. So, they could benefit considerably from a general discussion of the various issues treated here. The author is a business law attorney and focuses on helping small businesses and companies navigate the legal aspects of contracts and transactions.


11. Crime & Consequences Blog

Many criminal law specialists make a justified and reasonable complaint that most top-quality online content is often defense-oriented. Are you one of them? And this is what makes Crime & Consequences such a great and easy resource to recommend. This is perhaps the best and most insightful non-defense-oriented law blog on the internet and offers balanced content from each side of the legal equation. It is always an interesting and engaging read.


12. Latham & Watkins

It may seem inaccurate to claim that Latham & Watkins just run a blog when they actually run a whole and comprehensive matrix of subject and sector-specific law blogs on their website. From environmental law and fintech topics to Middle East developments, L&W has articles for it all. Their versatility makes them an excellent, reliable, and one-stop-shop when you are looking for credible legal resources.


13. Healthcare Law Insights

Husch Blackwell, author of this blog, is an industry-focused business law and litigation firm that delivers strategic and innovative solutions to organizations throughout the world. Healthcare Law Insights is amazing as it helps bring together the firm’s amazing interdisciplinary and competent healthcare attorneys who share opinions and commentary on many important legal issues as well as trends that affect healthcare organizations in the country.


Bottom Line

Staying informed with the proper resources is crucial for a successful legal practice. Like the legal blogs detailed in this article, free resources can promote innovative new solutions to your practice. For free technology that helps save time and enhances client communication, spend a few minutes signing up for Podium Starter.  

Follow these steps to make sure your law firm gets found online.

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