Technology has become a key component of our daily lives, continually changing and advancing into its best version. Social media has developed from this new technology and become an important part of our society. Social media should also be an important part of your marketing strategy since your customers are likely on social media channels.

It has become such a part of our lives that it is something consumers fit into their lives each day. By capitalizing on this behavior, you can revitalize and rejuvenate your brand. Social media can help you develop new marketing techniques that we can utilize now and in the future, and Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked.

Instagram has proven to be one of the most popular forms of social media at this time, with over one billion active users worldwide. It allows users to post photos, videos, and stories and gives them the freedom to advertise whatever they like. Thus, Instagram has become one of the best ways to do influencer marketing by working with influencers on Instagram.

Because Instagram is one of the most ideal platforms for an influencer to use, many marketers use it to promote their products and services. By working with top Instagram influencers, it is an easy way for marketers to connect with their target market and share a more authentic side of themselves, even through a screen.

Why should you find Instagram influencers for your campaign?

Making connections with Instagram influencers who can promote your campaign is a clever marketing tactic that will benefit your company in many different ways. These connections build trust regarding your brand/business, help you build strong partnerships, and improve your brand awareness along the way. 

By creating connections with various Instagram influencers, you will reach the desired demographic for your brand, build a community of consumers. You can also monitor how effective this can become to build success in the future. 

54% of influencers have stated that they will work with brands they respect and view as legitimate, who respect them in return. It is vital to find top Instagram influencers that best fit your campaign. It is valuable to make connections and build relations with these Instagram influencers and see how they can make the most of being involved in your campaign. 

By using Podium, a new messaging tool that makes partnering with Instagram influencers easier, you can connect with potential customers and clients, receiving the tools you need to grow and improve your business. You can reach your desired audience, connect with Instagram influencers who can benefit your campaign, and continue to help grow your brand/business. 

How To Find The Right Instagram Influencer?

To find what Instagram influencers can best cater to your campaign, it is important to take steps to ensure these influencers are what you are looking for. It is important to know your goals as a company and how you want this all to play out. 

By working with this Instagram influencer, what outcome do you wish to receive? How do you want this to benefit the future of your campaign? Answer these things and analyze the steps you should take to find the best match for your company. 

Step one: find the right Instagram influencers.

Finding an Instagram influencer who is the right fit and aligns well with your campaign is the most critical step you should take. By finding an Instagram influencer whose interests relate to your campaign, you add to the authenticity of your brand/business. Ensure that the Instagram influencer you choose is relevant, has active followers, and can benefit from creating a partnership with you in your campaign. 

For example, if you are building a campaign centered around protein bars, finding an Instagram influencer who is focused on fitness or nutrition, will best benefit your brand and your influencer marketing campaign.

The more an Instagram influencer can utilize the product/service in their daily life, the more future consumers will be interested in your campaign. This starts by making sure the influencer’s lifestyle aligns with what your campaign is all about. This makes the partnership more legitimate and realistic. 

Even 92% of consumers trust an influencer over traditional advertisements or endorsements that use celebrities. 

An Instagram influencer is a more relatable entity, and they can reach consumers on a better and more personable level. This is why an influencer can be an important addition to your marketing strategies to fulfill the success of your marketing campaigns. 

You want the consumer to relate to the influencer and then find legitimacy within your brand/business. Having the power of legitimacy is key to creating trust and value in your campaign, but finding the right fit for your company is crucial to meet this need. 

Step two: look at the follower count on their Instagram account.

An important step to take when finding an influencer for your marketing campaign is to look for the number of followers on their account and if the number is continually growing. It is also important to note what the demographic is they can reach. The follower count and demographic amongst this population is an important part of ensuring you can expand your campaign. The more followers the better, choosing Instagram influencers with a million followers or even 1.5 million followers can be very lucrative.

The demographic is the specific population that an influencer can reach, including age, gender, and ethnicity. This can give you a general idea of who is in the audience the influencer will be speaking to, regarding the posts made about your campaign. You need the right influencers that will fit your brand well.

If the influencer’s follower count is constantly growing, this will mean endless amounts of consumers may run into information about your campaign, but focusing on the demographic is key. You want to be sure that the audience who is seeing posts for your campaign will actually be interested and intrigued, enough to check out your company or visit an affiliate link. 

The more followers, the larger the audience, and the more chances there will be for your brand/business to succeed, now and in the future. 

Step three: see how often they post on Instagram.

When finding the best Instagram influencer for your influencer marketing campaigns, it is important to see how often they post. It is also a good idea to review the number of likes, views, or comments they receive as well. This will show how active their account is and if it will be beneficial to you to work with them. 

You want to ensure that the influencer is posting often, in their feed, and on their story. This will guarantee high engagement within their Instagram page. Additionally, you want to make sure that followers are engaging well per post that they make.

It is also good to know if they are active on any other social media accounts and be sure that Instagram contains the majority of their posts and activity. This will ensure that a majority of their audience is on Instagram and you can reach them easily. 

The number of posts they share, followers they continue to gain, and the frequency of posts on their page can all benefit your campaign when they share your product with their followers. It will show their audience something new, build awareness for your campaign, and help maintain a flow of activity on their posts that lead to your company’s link. 

Step four: check out their engagement rate on their Instagram account.

When understanding the engagement rate, you must look at the performance of a piece of content posted on social media. See how many likes, views, comments, and replies they receive whenever they post new content in their feed or story. 

Do their followers feel they can trust this influencer and engage in communicating with them through their posts? Does the influencer receive positive commentary and support regarding their posts? 

It is important not only to see how the followers interact but how the influencer responds.

Are they active in replying to their followers and creating a real relationship with those who support them? Do they try to create a welcoming conversation for followers to engage in?

The influencer should utilize their followers and allow them to be a stepping stone in their social media presence. They should find time to interact with the people who keep them thriving on Instagram and ultimately, in their career. 

The more engagement that is happening on their posts, the more authentic the influencer can become. This brings legitimacy to what they promote and feature on their page, thus creating more traffic towards your campaign.  

Step five: monitor the effectiveness of your Instagram influencer marketing strategy.

When working with Instagram influencers, it is important to see how effective it has been for the content and consumers within your campaign. 

See if there has been an increase in clicks to their affiliate link and see if sales have risen since they introduced their audience to your campaign. If affiliate links are being utilized and sales seem to continue to grow, then the influencer must be doing something that is helping to expand your company and campaign. 

Look at numbers that prove this increase and see how your company can flourish in the future, especially if these numbers continue to rise as you gain popularity. 

Importance of finding a reliable and relevant Instagram influencers.


To fully utilize social media to your advantage, it is important to find top Instagram influencers that can vouch for your campaign and assist in creating success for the future of your company. In these times, social media is becoming more and more popular every day. 

With the average Instagram users spending up to an hour a day scrolling through their feed, it’s a great location to place your product. Instagram is a platform that can be vital to your brand/business and its growth over time. 

Ensure the influencer is the perfect fit for your Instagram influencer campaign by finding influencers that maintain authenticity in their online presence, This genuinity will add success to the future of your company. It is also important to review their follower count and the demographic breakdown of their followers. How often they post and the engagement rate of their posts are all factors that can benefit your campaign. 

These influencers on Instagram can provide a better sense of value and trust in regards to your product and produce a stream of consumers that want to see what your company is all about. As you master the art of influencer marketing, you will create a sense of legitimacy in your campaign and reap the rewards of utilizing the most popular forms of social media

After finding the best fit for your influencer campaigns and a newfound ability to reach a certain target audience, you will continue to see the benefits you receive as they flow into success for your company. 

Using Podium to assist you, creating these connections online has never been easier. There has never been a better time to reach out and create a new sense of authenticity within your company. Let us start helping you facilitate growth with seamless communication.

The social media marketing tools are in your hands, but it is up to you to put them to use.

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