With nearly 4 billion smartphone users across the planet and 95% of texts being opened within three minutes, it’s easy to see that text messaging has taken over. And local businesses have picked up on it. 

But how can you make sure the right customers get the right marketing messages at the right times without increasing the workload for your team? Many small businesses are turning to text message drip campaigns.

Read on for 10 text message drip campaign ideas that you can make your own and how automated messaging can strengthen your customer relationships, increase ROI, and take your business to the next level.  

What is a Text Drip Campaign?

A text drip campaign is an SMS marketing strategy that centers around a time-released set of automated text messages. This kind of campaign is cued by specific triggers (like signing up for a newsletter or clicking on a call to action on your site). These SMS campaigns are designed to establish and maintain engagement by sending the right message to the right people at the right time—all without burning out your staff. 

As a rule of thumb, text messages sent in drip campaigns are usually 160 characters or less and require prior permission from your customers to send. They can include a number of multimedia elements such as pictures, videos, GIFs, and links, and senders must abide by their country’s rules and regulations.

A key factor in making a text marketing campaign successful is segmentation—grouping your customer records into lists that share an attribute or characteristic (behavioral, demographic, geographic, psychographic, and technographic) that aligns well with specific targeted messages. Even a little segmentation can increase customer loyalty, decrease your opt-out rate, and significantly increase revenue. To start segmenting, check out “Increasing SMS Engagement.”

Collecting opt-ins for your text message marketing campaigns is also critical. How do you turn interactions into opt-ins? The secret is to integrate opt-in entry points at every possible step of your customer journey. There are a number of touchpoints where collecting an opt-in is natural, and even expected. If you take advantage of them, your list will build itself. To learn how to collect opt-ins, check out “Growing Your Opt-in List.” 

10 Text Drip Campaign Ideas to Make Your Own

Let’s get down to brass tacks. There are a number of compelling reasons that can back an effective text message marketing campaign. Here are 10 text drip campaign ideas you can make your own. 

Campaign Template #1: New Product

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]—Did you see our new product drop? Vote for the product you want the most & you will be entered to win it for FREE! 😲 Choose one from the list below and text us the number next to it!

1️⃣ [PRODUCT 1]

2️⃣ [PRODUCT 2]

3️⃣ [PRODUCT 3]

4️⃣ [PRODUCT 4]


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? We’ve seen high response rates from campaigns of this type, and it’s a great way to generate interest in a new product or service. This new product campaign serves several purposes: 

1) It informs customers of new products or services.

2) It offers an exciting and engaging promotional giveaway that rewards customers.

3) It shows you what your customers are the most interested in, and you can use that information to segment your audience and send people relevant promotions in the future.

Campaign Template #1 New Product (2)

Campaign Template #2: Re-engagement

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]! 👋 It’s [COMPANY], and we noticed it’s about time for your next routine [SERVICE]. Enjoy X% off when you sign up today: [LINK]


Look, some people just won’t remember when they’re due for routine maintenance—but that doesn’t mean your customers don’t need your services.  When it’s time for a customer to get their seasonal services done, shoot them a reminder text to show that you’re ready to help. Then, give them a small discount as an incentive to get something scheduled. 

Campaign Template #2 Re-engagement (1)

Campaign Template #3: Limited-time Offer 

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]! It’s [COMPANY] and we wanted to let you know we’ve got a few specials running this month, like X% off [PRODUCT/SERVICE]! 💸 See how you can save here: [LINK]


Use this template at any time of the year to promote your business’ specials or discounts. Simply include a link to your most recent discounts and prompt customers to save on their next service visit. 

Campaign Template #3 Limited-time Offer  (1)

Campaign Template #4: 1-Click Promotion

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME], it’s [EMPLOYEE NAME] at [COMPANY]. I have a few more appointments open for [SERVICE] this week. Here’s an offer for X% off, just for this week if you’re interested! 😘


Unexpected open appointments on your calendar this week? A last-minute 1-click promotion might just fill your free time and help out a customer in need. (Pro tip: Include a link they can click to schedule.) 

Campaign Template #4 1-Click Promotion

Campaign Template #5: Special Occasion

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]! [EMPLOYEE NAME] here 👋 We’re celebrating 50 years of [COMPANY] by offering X% off any [PRODUCT/SERVICE] today through Saturday! Click the link below to see what we have in stock ✨ [LINK]


You wouldn’t exist without your customers. Celebrate your business’ anniversary and thank customers for their support over the years by offering a discount. Messages like these increase confidence in your brand and appeal to the loyalty of your customers. 

Campaign Template #5 Special Occasion

Campaign Template #6: New Service

Hey [CUSTOMER NAME]! We wanted to let you know that we are now offering pediatric dental services over at [COMPANY]! Learn more about our services here: [LINK]


What’s the benefit of offering a new service if none of your patients take advantage of it? Build excitement around new offerings by broadcasting the news with this text campaign. (Pro tip: For maximum impact, you can include a discount along with the announcement.) 

Campaign Template #6 New Service

Campaign Template #7: Events

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME], [COMPANY] is hosting a [EVENT] on  [DATE] at [TIME] and we’d love to see you! Sign up here, space is limited: [LINK]


Hosting an event for customers and prospective customers? Make the most of the turn out by letting your customers know ahead of time! These kinds of SMS messages are often most effective when sent only a few days before the event, webinar, or virtual gathering is set to take place (or even the day of). 

Campaign Template #7 Events

Campaign Template #8: Consultation 

[COMPANY]: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]! Been thinking about updating your [PRODUCT]? You can trade it in and put that value toward the new [PRODUCT] of your choice! Schedule a consultation today: [LINK]


Want to push more sales? Send this SMS marketing campaign to let your customers know that consultations are free—once you get their one-on-one attention, you’ll be able to better cater to their needs. 

Campaign Template #8 Consultation 

Campaign Template #9: Anniversary 

Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]! Everyone here at [BUSINESS] wishes you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 🎁 Here’s a complimentary [PRODUCT/SERVICE] if you come in the next 30 days. Just show this text to us when you get here.


Who doesn’t love celebrating love? Give your customers that extra-special personal touch by remembering their anniversary and sending them a special deal to celebrate the big day! Even though it’s a simple SMS campaign, they’ll love you for it, and it will go a long way in establishing trust. 

Campaign Template #9 Anniversary 

Campaign Template #10: Price Change

Hey [CUSTOMER NAME], over 40 [PRODUCTS] have just gone on sale! Shop our newly marked-down listings now before they’re gone! Swing by to see them in person at [BUSINESS], or browse them all: [LINK]


Have a mark-down process for your products? Notify your customers whenever the products go on sale so they can help clear you out quickly. If you offer virtual tours and floor showings, be sure to mention this as well.

Campaign Template #10 Price Change

Get Started with Text Marketing

SMS marketing successfully means balancing a lot of moving parts. Local businesses have to configure automations, send responses, and keep up with individual text messaging threads—all while making sure no messages slip through the cracks. But with the right tools and text message marketing software, setting up perfectly crafted text drip campaigns can be a breeze for a team of any size. 

Podium’s messaging platform allows you to optimize your opt-in collection, integrate with your existing tech stack, easily segment your campaigns, set up automations, track multiple two-way SMS messaging conversations, measure ROI, and allow customers to answer automated messages with more than letters or numbers–all from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Learn how Podium can help you execute the SMS marketing campaigns of your dreams here.

Jono Andrews
Jono Andrews Group Manager of Product Marketing
Jono is a Group Manager of Product Marketing at Podium, the premiere marketing and communications platform that connects local businesses with their customers.  He loves to help local businesses see success in creating the best customer experience.

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