While many of our healthcare providers already felt the need to digitally transform, the added pressures of a pandemic have accelerated that need unexpectedly. Many businesses have been forced to pivot quickly and adapt (almost overnight) in a way that may be unfamiliar to survive in our “new normal” and meet rapidly changing consumer needs, and this is particularly true for healthcare. 

While this change can be overwhelming, we want to assure you that it starts with small steps. From what we’ve found, digital transformation for businesses in healthcare begins with simple changes that center around getting rid of paperwork, texting, offering remote consultations, and re-imagining the patient experience. To help you make the transition, we’ve gathered a list of insights from our customers on how they’re taking advantage of opportunities to set themselves up for success as our economy reopens.

1. Use e-signature and digital forms.

Fort Worth Oral Surgery has been texting their patients digital forms to conveniently fill and sign while they wait in their cars before appointments. The team has been sending not only patient information and check-in forms, but also pre-established forms for COVID, allowing them to keep immaculate patient records, verify insurance information quickly, and evaluate possible COVID symptoms, all without physical contact or materials. Use digital forms and esignature software to maintain clean, organized patient records, shorten wait times, and avoid the hassle of paper. 

Option: True Forms      Cost: $75

Option: Docusign      Cost: $0 for 30 days

2. Do business over text.

At Choctaw Family Medicine, text has become the new waiting room. Receptionists have been using text to reschedule appointments, check-in, ask patients to wait in their cars until appointed times, and let them know when the doctor is ready to see them. Text has allowed Choctaw Family Medicine and many other practices to cater to the comfort levels of their patients in a convenient way and prevent risk of infection through social distancing. Another major trend we’re seeing is allowing customers to conveniently pay through text—eliminating contact, running credit cards, and mailing paper bills. Use text to facilitate a digital waiting room and fast, contactless payments. 

Option: Podium Free Trial      Cost: $0 for fourteen days 

As people are reopening, they are reinventing business to be what it always needed to be. The businesses that will come out on top will be those who took advantage of the moment. If you take the opportunity to digitally transform by way of paperless exchange, text, and payments, you will set yourself up for success now and in the future.

To learn more about reopening your business in our digital age, check out our ebook, The Simple Guide to Digital Transformation.

Bryan Oram
Bryan Oram AVP of Healthcare Enterprise Sales

Bryan Oram is a Healthcare professional at Podium, the leading messaging platform that connects healthcare businesses with their patients.

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