The past year has been a testimony to how the healthcare application development has earned the place of a rapidly emerging area. Not only did applications help people find much-needed medical assistance while staying indoors but they managed to seek immediate help at affordable costs.

In 2020, stats proved that people spent ninety percent of their mobile time using applications. So what does all of this mean for the dental practices? It means that practice owners need dental apps more now than ever before.

Dentists and practice owners look for additional insights, especially innovative ones, on how to attract more patients and increase their satisfaction. Today, dental professionals can use several apps that can boost their practice and win more patients.

The 7 most effective dental apps to increase growth and ROI for your dental practice.

Patients now have access to a pool of dental providers. This is why it is more imperative for dental practice owners to manage and market their services more impressively. That’s the only means of winning more patients, after all.

If you’re looking for apps to help retain your existing precious customers while trying to draw new patients in simultaneously, here are the seven best apps to try.

Besides, having the best dental app in your arsenal is the perfect way to modernize your practice and solidify your relationship with patients.

1.  iDental Soft

iDentalsoft screenshot

Is establish seamless patient-communication a top priority for your dental practice? Then this practice app is just the right choice for you. This app offers you patient forms that comply with HIPAA and ensures that all communications with patients progress smoothly.

In the age of modernity, there is no dental practice that would fail to benefit from paperless management while winning more patients consistently. Some of the top features of this app include:

  •   electronic dental forms
  •   ePrescribe integrations
  •   credit card processing
  •   reputation management
  •   patient communications
  •   online intake portal
  •   smart appointment scheduling

2.  Solution Reach

Alpine Dental Appointment Example

Do you wish to establish a robust relationship with your patients? You can find something in your mobile app store to help you do just that. Solution reach is a dental app that solidifies the CRM (customer relationship management) for every dental practice.

What can be better for your dentistry practices than a solution that helps you organize all patient information in a single place? With this app, dentists can reactivate their re-care services, which is an essential process of ensuring that your patients will keep returning to your practice. Routine visits, follow-ups are a measure of the success of dental practices.

Some of the best features of this dental app include:

  •   automating call reminders
  •   automating appointment reminders
  •   two-way texting feature
  •   online scheduling of appointments
  •   automated review requests

According to the president of a reputable dental practice, this solution can draw patients into the internal portal of a dentistry practice. It helps them review their visits and gives dentists a fine opportunity of gaining insights on the patient experience.

As incredible as this app may sound, where there are pros, there are cons. It may be a great app to get you started into the world of SMS marketing for your dental practice, but you can get started with Podium for free. Podium can provide the same options with the addition of campaign promotions, personalized automated messaging, and so much more. 

3.  Dental Anywhere– Accessible from the app store.

Dental Everwhere Website

Are you looking for a tool to minimize the friction patients have with your dentists? The Dental Anywhere app can help improve the quality of your services and make communication with patients more effectively.

A dental practice must purchase this app and set it at their office, after which their patients can download it on their mobile devices. From there on, a dental office can manage their services from their computer system while the patients can coordinate from their mobile devices.

The top features of the Dental Anywhere app include:

  •   New patient forms
  •   Requesting, scheduling and canceling of appointments
  •   One-touch referrals
  •   Mobile bill pay
  •   Treatment plan reviewing
  •   Reminders of appointments

4.  Revenue Well Dental App

This one is another choice for a dentistry office. This app also offers re-care activation and similar features to Solution Reach. Even though many would find Revenue Well a less robust option, yet a dentist will certainly benefit from some of its other features, such as appointment and reviewing requests.

This app gives patients the flexibility of requesting appointment scheduling times. With this feature, a dentist can gain more visibility and control of the patient’s schedule. Furthermore, a dental office can also send requests for patient review through text and email with this app.

  •   Highlights of this app include:
  •   automated call reminders
  •   automated prompts for appointments
  •   Review requests etc.

5.  Zocdoc

Zodoc Example on Mobile Phone

Dentistry owners are constantly looking for a dedicated app that would facilitate their dental treatment services, especially for the younger patients who prioritize online convenience.

Zocdoc serves as a widespread platform for your practice’s benefit, where a patient can easily schedule his/her treatment session with you online. This app also serves as an online scheduling integration for every dental website.

Some of the highlights of this app include:

  •   easy treatment scheduling for clients, both new and old
  •   Providing cleaner user experience for a dental website
  •   Reducing the staff’s workload by automatically syncing with the office’s calendar

For people seeking oral treatments and dental professionals alike, this online tool has a lot to offer.

6.  Podium

Podium Messaging Platform Website

If you wish to facilitate your customers in their appointment requests, this online dental tool is a smart solution. Podium enables customers to state their preferences of the day and time they’d like for their treatment session, and dentists can approve accordingly.

The best advantage with this solution is that it helps you monitor your online reputation and also focus on generating dentist reviews. This one has a modern interface than the others in the market. It even sends automated messages to customers, encouraging them to post their reviews on Facebook, Google, and other handles.

Some highlights include:

7.  Awrel

Dental Meme

This solution combines security with convenience and serves as an excellent option for customers seeking oral treatment and dental owners as well. This texting platform is not only 100% secure but also fully complies with HIPAA.

With this facility, dental professionals can send patient documents and images safely and quickly, without fearing any data breach. It also gives dental employees the facility of collaborating with partners and vendors on specific cases, without breaking HIPAA compliance.

You can use this online solution from both a cell phone and the desktop in your dental company as well.

The major downfall to this app is its lack of versatility and automations. It may be a great app to get you started into the world of SMS marketing for your dental practice, but you can also get started with Podium for free. Podium can provide reviews, feedback, campaigns, reputation management, and so much more from the same affordable platform. 

Benefits of using dental apps.

As clichéd as it sounds, the fact is that these days there’s an app for everything. People all over the globe are using their cell phones 24/7 to access all the services and products they need.

In a time like this, the way forward for dental services is also through an app. Customers prioritize the convenience factor, even if it’s for their oral treatments. The least effort we all want to put in is get what we need and want with just a single download, and protecting the health of our teeth is not an exception in this regard.

From scheduling visits, treatment sessions, paying their bills to seeking advice from dentists, customers want to do all of it online. An app helps dental professionals stay ahead in their field if they’re catering to patients in just the way they need.

Apart from the convenience factor, an app also helps service owners boost their customer service and conversion rates. No business is immune to the advantages of high-quality customer services, not even the dental community. An app helps you communicate more effectively with your customers, whether it is to ask for their feedback, addressing their issues, or requesting them to share their experience with others.


Using an app for your dental company is a step forward in improving your services, growing in the industry, and boosting your ROI. With these apps, you are sure to see some satisfactory results. However, if you’re looking for overall communications software that will increase customer retention and satisfaction tenfold, then you can find it at Podium Starter.

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