Inventory may be low, but dealership sales don’t have to be. Leverage the power of SMS open rates (98%) and the consumer’s appetite to receive promotions as text messages to drive more traffic to your dealership and maximize profits this holiday season. 75% of consumers welcome SMS promotions after opting in, and SMS coupons are redeemed 10x more than other types of coupons.

With SMS marketing, you can send customized and personalized messages to your customers. Marketing personalization is pretty much what it sounds like. It involves customizing or personalizing your marketing efforts to appeal to each client. Your goal is to make your customer feel like the texts or emails you send them are personalized to their interests and preferences.

The simplest example would have an automatic field that fills in the client’s name. Another typical example comes from targeted display ads that show similar products to recent purchases or recently browsed products. Read our other article to learn more about personalizing your marketing and why it can make a difference.

Need some ideas on what campaigns to run for your dealership? Here are eight SMS campaign templates to try!

01 — Buy back campaign

Need more inventory? Send a text to your customer and prospect base letting them know you’ll buy their used car. 

A Podium customer based in Missouri recently did just that, sending out an SMS campaign message to over 6000 customers, letting them know their used car might be worth more than they think. They saw massive success, receiving nearly 500 replies in 24 hours.

auto dealership sms holiday sample

Hey Sam, thinking about selling your used car? At Downtown Autos, we’ll offer you cash for any vehicle you want to sell. Text us back to see how much your vehicle is worth!

02 — Place an order campaign

It’s no secret supply chain issues have upended the auto industry; it’s hard to keep a car on your lot. But there are still great opportunities to sell, and with text, you have a way to handle pre-orders easily. Let your community know they can place an order for the car they want.

auto dealership sms holiday example

Hi Tony, this is East Valley Toyota. Don’t see what you want? Pre-order your new Toyota today and save! Order now:

03 — Refinance campaign

Interest rates are good right now. With a refinance campaign, you can let your loyal customers know you can get them a better APR if they have high interest rates on their current loan.

auto sms holiday sample

Hi Deanna, this is Prestige Auto Center. Interested in lowering your payment? Refinance your vehicle today with rates as low as 1.99% APR! Find out how:

04 — One-day event

Need to drive more traffic? Have a one-day event (either a sale or a more robust in-dealership event) with an enticing offer and send out a personalized invitation.

auto sms holiday example

Hey Alex! Cascade Subaru wants to invite you to clean off that winter storm—get a free car wash this Friday at our dealership!

05 — Service promotions

People have a lot on their minds during the holidays, so car maintenance might not be something they’re thinking about. Fill service appointments by texting your customers who bought earlier this year reminders about their free first oil change or maintenance discount.

auto sms marketing sample

Hi Erin, this is Bryce from Ted’s Autos! You may be due for an oil change—stop in soon and get a 10% service discount! Schedule here:

06 — Black Friday deals

Running a promotion for Black Friday? Make sure your entire customer and prospect base hears about it.

auto sms marketing example

Hey Sarah, it’s David from Ford of Fremont. Our Black Friday Sales Event is live! We have leases starting at $349 a month at 0.99% APR financing—stop in today to take a test drive.

07 — Add-on promotions

Low inventory can be frustrating for your customers. Entice customers to purchase or spend more by letting them know they can get free or discounted window tints, snow tires, or other upgrades with their purchase.

auto sms marketing holiday example

Hey Sam, we’ve got a special deal with changing weather—make a purchase and get a free set of snow tires mounted and balanced at Advanced Autos.

08 — Back in stock push

When inventory is low, but demand is high, ensure your customer base knows when you get new models on the lot.

auto sms marketing holiday sample

Hi Maddy, this is Evergreen Motors. We just received a new shipment of Nissan Sentras! Text us back to schedule a test drive and bring a new car home this weekend.

Devin Stotts, director of online sales for Maus Family Auto, recently ran an end-of-month text marketing campaign and was surprised by how successful it was and how it helped them meet their goals in a short period. “We got a good response. At the end of the day, we were able to sell seven or eight more cars off one campaign in a 48-hour window. We bought a couple of [used] cars too. Campaigns essentially paid for itself.”  Read more of Devin’s experience and how text marketing beat out his long-standing email campaign.

However you decide to phrase it, a text from your dealership this holiday season could be just the thing your customers need.

Isaiah Rendorio
Isaiah Rendorio Product Marketing Manager, Campaigns

Isaiah Rendorio is the Product Marketing Manager for Podium Campaigns—helping local businesses tap into the power of SMS marketing to strengthen customer relationships, increase customer lifetime value, and drive more revenue.

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