Zipwhip Discontinuing Their Platform: The NEW Path is Podium

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As you all know, Zipwhip is sunsetting its platform, and there has never been a better time to find your new home. Podium provides the same basic business texting service Zipwhip does but also consolidates communication into one platform while leveraging the power of SMS messaging to interact with your customer in unique and powerful ways. Podium assists in generating reviews, harvests web traffic and leads, and allows you to send and accept payment seamlessly and securely. Find out how you can get more from your text service provider.

Join us in this free webinar, as we dive into how Podium can help your business by giving you an SMS tool, much like Zipwhip, but one that can assist in every customer journey from start to finish. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • With Zipwhip’s end of service quickly approaching acting now will set migrating customers up for success
  • Podium does everything Zipwhip does and SO…MUCH…MORE
  • Podium leverages the power of text messaging with tools that impact everything from how your business is found and selected online, how you transform web traffic into real leads, and how to get repeat customers by marketing via text message


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Sam Allen

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