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Register now to complete the Convenience Meets ROI course and claim 1.5 CE credits. In this hour and a half on demand will show you how to turn relationships into revenue.

Episode 1, In this episode, we explore efficient methods of getting your Dental Practice onto the radar of potential new patients. Ranking high in search queries is extremely important to increasing new patient flow, so we cover various online strategies to increase your Search Engine Optimization. In addition, we delve into some offline strategies to increase the visibility of your Dental Practice in the local community.

Episode 2, The most successful form of marketing for any Dental Practice is scalable Word of Mouth. The challenge to achieving this in today’s experience economy, as the gap between excellence and irrelevance has narrowed dramatically. In this episode, we examine multiple approaches to deliver the type of outstanding Patient Experiences that will turn existing patients into ambassadors for your Dental Practice.

Episode 3, In this episode, we cover numerous forms and methods of communicating with your existing patients that will engender a response. Because there is no single method of communication that will appeal to all your existing patients, we look at diverse online and offline initiatives designed to achieve response and engagement for your Dental Practice.



Brad Newman

Founder & Chief Buzz Officer — Dentainment

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