7 Ways to Connect with Customers

(Even When You’re Not in Person)

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A lot has changed in the business world recently. Many retail and service-based businesses have been forced to close their doors and undergo digital transformation overnight. There is an increased urgency—and opportunity—for businesses to stay connected with their customers like never before. In fact, the experiences brands provide for their customers in every touchpoint during this unique time can make or break their future. The best marketing leaders will react with great innovation, strategy, and creativity to come out on top.


Watch this webinar to hear real life success stories and learn how you can quickly streamline your customer interactions. You’ll learn tips to:

  • Provide more modern, convenient experiences
  • Outshine your competitors
  • Win customer loyalty
  • Convert more leads and protect revenue streams


Josh Penrod

Chief Product Officer, Podium

Tyler Gardiner

Enterprise Solution Advisor, Podium

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