Get paid faster with text payments.

Offer your customers the easiest way to pay—text-to-pay. Send messages and invoices in the same text thread to get paid quickly and drive more revenue.

Woman on tablet with payments

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Encourage on-time payments with text.

Reduce your time-to-payment from weeks to minutes. When customers can make payments through text, it’s faster, easier, and more convenient—no more waiting on an email or paper invoice in the mail.

Get paid where you already connect with customers.

Keep the conversation moving with text payments. Request payments, send reminders, request reviews, send marketing messages, and so much more—all in the same thread. With Text Payments, it’s easy to get paid where you already communicate.

Discover more customer insights.

With text payments, each purchase gives insight into your customer's buying preferences. This helps you deliver effective, targeted marketing messages to every customer, personalized to their preferences.

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