How Peterson Chiropractic realigned their review process.

Increase in Average Monthly Reviews
Increase in Average Star Rating
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The Challenge

Utah’s Peterson Chiropractic is a family-oriented practice that aims to spread good health. “Our ultimate goal really is to reach out to our community about the benefits of chiropractic treatments and how it can improve your quality of life.” says Dr. Blake Peterson.

While Peterson Chiropractic received positive reviews online from the get-go, it didn’t have an ideal system in place to attract a higher volume of testimonials. “I think we had a 4.8 out of 5 stars which is good. But we didn’t have the quantity or the recency of reviews that I think are needed,” says Peterson. “I think before we started Podium, we [had] like 30 or 40.”

The Solution

The practice quickly realized the importance of increasing online reviews to improve rankings and moved quickly to make it happen.

Peterson Chiropractic discovered Podium through a friend. “He was telling me that for a Google search there are different factors that play into it. You know it’s just not the highest rating,” says Peterson. “There is obviously quantity, how many reviews you have, and how recent they are as well. And that’s going to play a factor in which business shows up first.”

With Dr. Peterson on board, the practice was realigned around its online reputation management.

The Result

Before Podium, Peterson Chiropractic’s Google reviews were at a 4.8. Once it introduced Podium, reviews jumped up to 4.9.

Perhaps more importantly, though, new reviews poured in. “I think review-wise we’re over 100 reviews,” says Peterson, which is a nice improvement. “Every business wants more customers and the way customers reach out to businesses is through Google–100%. And the search is key to that. I know having more reviews, having a higher presence online is going to do that. So yeah I’d recommend it for any business out there.”

It seems customers are taking notice of the increased reviews too. “I feel like we’ve gotten a lot more business,” says Peterson. “A lot more people have come in since we’ve started using Podium just because of our Google rank. I think we do get a lot of patients through online and referrals as well. I know we’ve had patients that come through Podium and they refer a bunch of people to us too.”



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