99-year old Diana Jewelers is up all night texting customers.

Years in Business

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As businesses focus on creating personal connections with their customers without face-to-face interactions, many retailers are realizing they can still create meaningful experiences online with messaging tools.

Diana Jewelers of Liverpool will celebrate 100 years in business next year and you don’t stay in business that long without learning how to adapt to new ways of doing business. This year they’ve implemented texting solutions to manage the entire customer journey with little to no face-to-face interaction.

Currently, the business is implementing Podium Payments to collect payment from anywhere. “We made it through the depression, a world war, and we won’t let this virus stop us,” said Betsy Palladino-Blasland from Diana Jewelers of Liverpool.



Today, tools like Webchat, Messenger and Payments offers retail customers the ability to text in their orders, receive updates on custom pieces and inventory, and pay all via text. It unlocks a safe way for jewelers, like Diana, to stay open and continue to serve the community the way the have for nearly a century.

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