Reach more customers in less time with bulk messages.

Save time, reach more customers, and drive more revenue by sending messages in bulk for promotions, review invites, appointment reminders, payment reminders, and more.

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Bring in new revenue quickly.

Send your customers promotional texts with a personal touch and get results in minutes, not weeks like other channels. Podium makes it easy to build text marketing campaigns quickly, send targeted messages to the right customers, and earn revenue fast.

Grow your business with more reviews.

Podium makes it easy to request reviews in batches, so that you can improve your online reputation faster than ever. With more reviews, your business can rank higher in online search and attract new customers.

Save time communicating with customers.

Instead of sending messages one at a time to each customer, Podium lets you send messages in bulk. With Podium, you can maximize your team’s productivity and free up time so you can concentrate on your most important priorities.

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