How Podium Provides Reputation Management Software

Reputation management software is a convenient way to build trust with customers. 

Podium’s unique features provide a multi-faceted approach to reputation management that can benefit businesses across industries. The following Podium features are some of the most powerful reputation management software tools on the market. Read our Step-by-Step Guide for online reputation management for business owners.


Get More Reviews

Podium makes it easy to collect reviews across the review sites that matter most. First, Podium enables you to send automated review invitations to your customers, making it easy for them to leave you feedback. You can also see new reviews, respond to your reviews, and use Sentiment Analysis to identify common themes in your reviews. 

Getting reviews provides a lot of benefits. On many platforms, having recent reviews will make you appear first. Having a positive online reputation can also improve customer confidence in your business. Both of these benefits create the biggest benefit of all: potential increased profits. Since online reviews can help customers find your business and increase their confidence in your business, you may be more likely to increase your sales and improve your bottom line.


Interact Through One Platform

Podium provides one platform that allows you to manage messages across multiple channels. Keeping track of conversations across several channels can be difficult, and ensuring prompt response times can prove even more challenging. Podium allows you to centralize all your interactions on one platform, allowing your staff to respond more quickly and easily. 

Having one platform for all your interactions is convenient for both you and your customers. With Podium, customers can reach out to you through whatever channel they’re most comfortable with. However, your staff doesn’t have to spend unnecessary time switching between platforms since they can respond to all incoming messages through one convenient interface. Being able to address customer concerns, questions, and comments quickly through a variety of channels can keep customers happy and improve customer loyalty.


Text Customers Who Reach Out Through Your Website

With Podium, you can allow visitors to message you directly through your website. A visitor leaves their name, number, and message, and you can respond via text. 

Real-time conversations are more challenging to manage than asynchronous interactions. You can message customers when you have time, and they can message you back when they have time. This can allow you to address potential concerns before they become reputation issues.


Receive Instant Feedback

Podium gives businesses the option to send short texts to get immediate feedback from customers. Customers do not need to follow links, and it only takes them a moment to reply, so it can be a convenient way to get immediate feedback.

One of the main benefits of quick texts is that your business gets insight on its performance in real-time. Customers may share information that helps you determine what you’re doing well and what areas you need to improve on, thereby allowing you to adjust your procedures to improve customer satisfaction.


Get Podium Reviews  

Online reviews are one of the most significant reputation management issues most businesses face. A lack of reviews may make it hard for customers to find your business online, and negative reviews could sully your reputation. Podium Reviews enables you to solicit more customer reviews and manage incoming reviews through one platform. Getting more reviews can improve your online visibility and build customer trust. Responding to reviews also shows that your business cares about customer experience, which may encourage new customers to try your business. Podium Reviews also makes it easy to read all your reviews, which can give you valuable insight into how employees are performing, what areas your business is excelling in, and what you may need to work on. 

If you’re in need of many of these features listed above, Podium Starter is the free version to help your business effectively manage its reputation management on a budget. Sign up today and start texting customers within minutes.


How Taylor Automotive is Using Podium Reviews for Reputation Management Software 

When Taylor Automotive started using Podium Reviews, its rating on Google was under 3 stars. Podium Reviews helped Taylor Automotive address the problem from multiple angles. First, Podium Reviews helped aggregate all of the dealership’s reviews in one convenient dashboard, making them easier to manage. Podium Reviews also enabled Taylor Automotive to send out automated review requests, which lead to a massive spike in online reviews. Taylor Automotive started with just 153 reviews. After implementing Podium Reviews, it had a total of 2,647 reviews in under a year. With Podium Reviews, Taylor Automotive also enjoyed other impressive results: its star rating skyrocketed from 2.96 to 4.76, traffic to its website increased by 21 percent, internet leads increased by 62 percent, and the dealership enjoyed an increase in sales. 

Nico Dato
Nico Dato Executive Vice President of Marketing

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