We know that when it comes to property management, you have to tackle many issues as a property manager. From ensuring that your tenants pay the rent on time to making your property look like new for new tenants, note that several issues can often make property management a challenging and time-consuming process.

One of the best things about the real estate industry is that it is changing all the time. So, it is both exciting and dynamic, and there is always something new happening. And, thanks mainly to the internet, now there is more information available to property owners and landlords who want to know how to simplify property management. Property management blogs are an excellent source of valuable information.  

If you are a property manager, reading these blogs will help you innovate within your community and keep your residents happy and satisfied. You probably know that staying on top of the latest industry trends often takes effort and time. Also, even if you attend trade shows and industry conferences, there is still plenty of self-learning that can considerably benefit your properties.

There is no doubt that the top property management blogs are an excellent resource for learning about the latest tips, trends, and technology in the real estate industry. Do you often find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to finding the best information that you need in order to make sure that your properties are managed in an efficient and effective manner? If that is the case, here are ten property management blogs we strongly believe that all estate managers should read.


1. All Property Management

All Property Management is a very interesting blog for landlords and property managers. This property management blog focuses on some of the most interesting, diverse, and timely topics that you will see in any management blog. For instance, the blog offers landlords articles on several important topics related to the regulatory and legal aspects of managing and owning properties, like what is involved when changing locks on an apartment.

One of the best things about this blog is that the articles cover everything from growing your property management business to helping new tenants feel at home. The articles are also written in clear and simple language, making them accessible and friendly to beginners.

The blog also shifts to such topics as the latest tips and tricks on buying property insurance, how to help your new tenants feel at home, how to create a top-quality fitness center or gym at your apartment complex, and how to have successful landlord-tenant meetings.

Because of such a diverse variety of topics, we believe that this blog is essential for landlords and property managers. And that is not all; it also has a comprehensive section on property law. There is also an area where landlords can easily submit questions and have these questions answered by experienced property management professionals.


2.    ​Real Property Management

Real Property Management is filled with a lot of informative articles, and we think that it is one of the most reliable and professional blogs on property management. The great thing about this blog is that in addition to the typical topics about property management, this blog also covers topics that are not usually discussed on most other blogs. Some of these topics are illegal rentals, emergency preparedness, and enforcing a lease on various issues, such as unauthorized pets and over-occupancy.

Did you know that this website also has a convenient Landlord Center with sections, such as Tips, Tricks, and FAQs, a Landlord Calculator, and Do-It-Yourself Landlord Guide? Real Property Management is a website filled with useful information and has received numerous awards as well as other types of recognition for its excellent emphasis on giving landlords and property managers the latest information on most of today’s most pertinent topics.  

The blog recognizes that, like any other industry, real estate is also constantly changing and evolving, and landlords have to keep pace with the latest tips and industry trends in order to make the most of their time and money.


3. Multifamily Executive

It is likely that you have heard about Multifamily Executive. However, if you don’t know about their property management blog, you can think of them as the CNN of housing and real estate news. On this blog, you will find the latest information on real estate market news, executive leadership news, and industry demographic information.

While the articles are usually geared towards multifamily investors, note that the varied subjects and diverse voices will be immensely useful to all kinds of property managers. The blog also features a great deal of updated information regarding some of the best tech practices and tips for apartment communities.

And this means that if you would like to add these types of properties to your portfolio, then they will likely have the best information on how you can give your complexes a contemporary edge. So, Multifamily Executive is definitely on the leading edge with regards to advocating the latest technology in apartment communities.


4. BiggerPockets

You may have heard of BiggerPockets. It is one of the industry-leading real estate blogs, and for a good reason. Did you know that many of their long-form articles are often written by experienced investors and other industry experts and have also been featured by websites, such as Realtor.com, the Huffington Post, and Business Insider, among others?

Note that one of the most frequent topics on the blog concerns various tenant issues and problems and how landlords can handle them, which is important to make your job as simple as possible. This blog is a professional network of landlords, property managers, investors, and vendors. It serves to help you so that you can learn more from other experts and professionals.

Also, keep in mind that in addition to this informative blog, BiggerPockets also offers plenty of great resources for landlords and property managers. For example, the website provides you with access to webinars, forums, podcasts, PDF guides, eBooks, and much more. This is why BiggerPockets makes an ideal launching point for any investor’s or property manager’s online engagement.


5. Property Management Insider

Did you know that the team at RealPage also produces Property Management Insider? It is an excellent blog that covers all kinds of multifamily news. The best thing about this site is that it is designed to keep a property manager updated on the latest trends in finance, technology, contracting, and social media, etc.

From reporting on amazing panels from various property management events such as AIM to outlining the best tips and tricks for creating eye-catching and attractive photographs of your apartments, there is no doubt that Property Management Insider has great articles for every facet of property management.


6. Forbes Real Estate Council

You might already refer to Forbes for business-related and real estate insight. However, if you’re not reading informative and engaging articles from the famous Forbes Real Estate Council, then you are definitely missing out. Sometimes posting several articles in one day, this is a fee-based and invitation-only organization, especially for senior-level executives in the real estate industry. As a result, you know that you will get property management tips and advice from the best in the business.

These articles deal with industry news and market trends, as well as more generic topics, such as asset diversification and property assessments. These blogs provide insightful and valuable information as they feature a group of experienced and highly-curated industry specialists who speak in detail on the ins-and-outs of both investing as well as managing real estate.


7. Realtor Magazine

You may know that niche-specific management blogs are incredibly useful. As a result, they should be on your reading list. And following a general property management blog can help you in effectively staying on top of industry trends. 

Did you know that Realtor Magazine is the official blog for NAR (National Association of REALTORS®)? The blog features posts about diverse topics, such as law and ethics technology, renovations, home design, and many other industry-related subjects, including management and investing.


8. Need More Rentals

This is another enlightening blog. Need More Rentals is an excellent platform geared toward vacation rental hosts and property managers. Note that some of the property management topics that this blog covers are upselling, channel managers reviews, rental fraud, and even SEO. This is an excellent resource if you are looking to create your own site and increase direct bookings.


9. SparkRental Blog

Did you know that SparkRental offers landlords an application to automate rentals? The blog also provides free resources on how you can invest in rental properties to build passive income. The blog is very interactive and has a comprehensive and extensive resource section, where you can easily find information about how to effectively screen prospective tenants, the best software to use for property management and accounting, and a lot more.

The interesting thing is that their blog for landlords was created to help individuals achieve up to $5,000 a month in passive income. The blog is full of best practices and tips for property managers.


10. Buildium

The Buildium blog is not just an award-winning solution that helps simplify and streamline property management, it also offers users a weekly round-up of industry-breaking news and the latest trends, along with informative stories on changes in taxes, state laws, and the like. So, you will find it very useful.


These are some of our favorite blogs for property managers but if you still need help with the management side of properties, Podium has got you covered. You can text tenants, receive payments, enhance reviews, and more all through one seamless platform. Sign-up for Podium with a 14-day Free Trial to start saving time and finding clients with our free messaging tools. 


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