Ophthalmologists, surgeons, doctors, and medspa practices all want to better serve their patients—but running a successful medical practice requires more than just proven expertise and an outstanding level of care. One study revealed that the single most important factor when choosing to stick with a medical provider is the quality of the doctor-patient relationship. The results are clear: growing a loyal patient base is all about relationships.

Far too often, paperwork and tedious manual tasks bog down physicians and their staff, hindering their ability to invest the time needed to foster quality patient relationships and expand their practice. To ease the process, smart practices turn to electronic medical record (EMR) platforms like Nextech. Nextech provides physicians, like you, with the streamlined tools you and your team need to dig out from the deluge of endless busy work. By improving your workflows and banishing tedious manual processes, you’ll feel empowered to provide patient experiences that cultivate long-term loyalty. 

Highly efficient workflows using a platform like Nextech is just the first step towards expanding your medical practice. Patients also want the kind of modern convenience that outdated communication tools lack. They want to book appointments online, receive scheduling reminders via text message, and communicate with you and your team on their terms. Potential patients want to trust you and your team will provide them with the best doctor-patient relationship, so they scour Google Reviews and other specialty review platforms for positive testimonials before they’ll consider visiting your office.

Many practices have built their clinical processes around platforms like Nextech and simply do not have the time to invest in learning an entirely new system. Luckily, medical practitioners like you can take advantage of patient engagement and communication tools like Podium without upending your current workflows. Podium tools like Messaging Platform and Reviews seamlessly plug into an EMR like Nextech so you can start to build your online reputation and leverage modern communication tools in no time. 

What is Nextech? 

Nextech provides the latest in electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PMS) technology, focusing on the unique workflow requirements of specialty physicians like dermatologists, orthopedists, and plastic surgeons. Serving more than 9,000 healthcare providers, Nextech helps you manage the many disciplines of clinical management from administrative needs to financial and marketing functions. 

  • Boost charting efficiency: Spend less time updating digital records, and more time building relationships with patients. 
  • Streamline practice management: Simplify scheduling and optimize billing so you can maximize your days to take on more appointments. 
  • Improve your revenue cycle: Collect payments quickly with Nextech’s suite of reimbursement and claims management tools. 
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance: Nextech provides real-time data to Medicare performance-based payment systems like MIPS. 

 medical professional communicating with patients

How Does Podium Integrate with Nextech? 

Nextech plus Podium Messaging brings together the best in clinical management with an all-star patient experience tool. Paired together, physicians are able to not only utilize a top-of-the-line EMR solution, but also gain better insight into patient experiences, earn more 5-star reviews, and message patients along the patient journey to ensure the best quality care.

How do Podium and Nextech Work Together? 

The setup process is painless—Podium Messaging Platform and Nextech snap together like two pieces of a puzzle. In very few steps, you’ll be able to consolidate all patient messaging into a single, centralized portal, automatically request top-notch patient reviews, and build lasting relationships with your patient base. 

  • Bolster your patient engagement strategy. Your front desk team is already busy juggling phone calls, managing scheduling, and greeting patients. They don’t have the time to bounce between dozens of chat windows to monitor incoming messages. With Nextech + Podium Messaging Platform, patients can communicate with your staff on their terms—and your team can view every message in one streamlined place. Whether a question comes through email, your Google Business Profile, or even social media platforms like Facebook, every message will populate in one seamless location. Plus, you can even add a chat feature to your website, allowing patients to submit questions or book appointments at the moment their attention is at its peak. you a further leg up on the competition by delivering insight into the online reputation of other local dentists. With the dashboard tool, you can compare star ratings to see how you stack up against your competitors.
  • Boost your bottom line by reducing no-shows. High no-show rates can damage your revenue cycle and prevent your team from providing care to the highest number of possible patients. How can Podium Messaging help your practice reduce no-shows? A recent study revealed that text message reminders increase the likelihood a patient will attend their scheduled appointment. By using Podium Messaging Platform to send automated appointment reminders, you can take full advantage of this trend. With Podium, the conversation is never a one-way street. Patients can also reply to these automated texts to cancel or reschedule—with all messages appearing in your centralized dashboard.
  • Build your online reputation. Do you often wonder how a competing medical practice in your city seems to win so many new patients? The answer is online reviews. When researching new physicians in the area, most people begin their search by reading about the experiences of others. In fact, 70% of patients say the quality of online reviews is the most critical factor when selecting a new doctor. Using Podium Reviews, you can send an automated message after each appointment, asking patients to share kind words about their experience with you and your staff. The more reviews you gather, the faster you’ll start to outshine competing practices in your area. Podium Reviews also provides you with a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring your reputation around the web. Receive instant alerts once a patient posts a review to Facebook, Google, or even popular platforms like wellness.com, so you can commend your team on a job well-done or fix a potential customer experience issue before it damages your online reputation. 

Get Started with Podium + Nextech 

By sending automated appointment reminders by text message, you’ll see more revenue coming into your practice as patients are more likely to keep their appointment. Physicians, released from the handcuffs of tedious administrative tasks, will have more quality time to spend with their patients—leading to more positive patient experiences. Patients, appreciative of the extra attention, will inundate your practice with quality reviews that bring even more business to your doorstep. Nextech and Podium complement each other to provide a single solution to manage the complete patient journey from acquisition to retention.

Erika Cox
Erika Cox Product Marketing Manager

Erika is a Product Marketing Manager over Ecosystem and Mobile at Podium, the premiere marketing and communications platform that connects local businesses with their customers. She is an expert in product positioning, content messaging, and brand awareness.

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