More and more consumers rely on internet reviews for everything, including when searching for a law firm. As a matter of fact, 91% of consumers read business reviews before making a decision. Looking for a lawyer can be a challenging choice and people want to know what kind of experiences other clients have had to gauge your firm. 

Each law firm review site your practice is listed on presents another chance to be in front of countless potential clients. 

Where to have a law firm reviews listing

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There is an endless supply of places to get reviews, but not all sites are created equal. User-friendly sites that are easy to navigate are always going to be your best bet when deciding where to make a profile. 

A good way to gauge a review site is if the site is mobile-friendly and easy to browse. Does the search function yield the results you were looking for? Factors like these matter to folks browsing.   

Another important feature for review sites is that they need to link to various social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get in contact directly from the review platform. 

It’s up to you to put in the work, but the work is absolutely an investment and will yield a great return. Below is a list of a few top rated review platforms that can help present your firm to the world. 

This site is top-notch because it not only has client reviews but also firms and even individual lawyers being reviewed by other lawyers. Clients that are shopping for a lawyer are going to feel like they are getting the inside scoop, which will give you the upper hand if you have some great reviews there. gets it right all around. The mobile version is very user-friendly and the options available on the navigation bar are all of the things a potential client would be trying to find; practice area, location and legal cost. 

There is also a very informative blog that is kept well up to date. It has relevant articles written by attorneys who use the site. Posts are on popular topics and at the end of the article, there is a link to the author’s profile page. 


Now this resource wasn’t always just a website. It’s been around since before the internet was even invented, a very, very long time before. Established in 1868, this extensive list of lawyers was developed to provide the address of “one reliable law firm… in every city in the United States.”

Luckily, this site has also done a great job keeping up with the times. With worldwide listings and over a million lawyers to choose from, this is definitely one of the portals you want to utilize.

In addition to providing a vast well of information for people searching for services, there are also peer reviews like and a resource for lawyers looking to refer a client. 


This particular resource isn’t one that most people think of right off the bat, but it is a nice platform for reviews because its entire purpose is to keep track of a business’s performance. 

This site’s reputation for accurate ratings and reviews is well known, and it has a leg up on other review sites because the administrators investigate complaints that are reported. This leads to an even stronger sense of trust when people are searching for a reputable lawyer. 


This site is highly recommended because it gives you several law firm marketing options and ways to optimize your profile; from lead generation to a choice for a premium membership that gives you targeted marketing ads. Additionally, in a review of NOLO itself, the majority of folks who found a law firm there were satisfied. Which we know is an opportunity for another good review!

It is also one of the largest resources for do-it-yourself law information, which brings a lot of clients to the site. Once the site has gathered some basic data about the client’s needs it will refer them to a matched lawyer. Which is great, funneling leads directly to your firm!

This popular site is a good choice because a survey of users shows it is ranks 1st among other law firm review sites. It collects a simple questionnaire from potential clients, sends that information over to attorneys that can meet the client’s needs, and allows the attorney who is interested in taking the case reach out to the client. 

This gives your firm a bit more control, being able to vet your own leads and attend to clients you can help the most.  


Then of course there’s Google, which actually has a rather good review system and ways to optimize those reviews. It can be a little more difficult to get established, but because of its name brand and ease of use, it will be a worthwhile endeavor. 

Using Google Business Profile, you can keep track of your feedback and see how potential customers are connecting with your business online.

Additionally, the Google Map Pack function is fantastic. This is a list of the top 3 matching businesses that appear directly under a Google Maps link that has a pin for each of those 3 business’s location on said map. It also happens to be located at the very top of a Google search. 

Google ranks business listings based on a few things. First, you’ll need a Google Business Profile account. Through that Google Business Profile account creation, they will send you a letter via mail with a verification code. Once you input that code into Google Business Profile it verifies your address.

Confirming your address in such a way helps to get you listed in the top 3 when you are near a potential client who initiated a search. 

Another key factor that will help you get that top spot is how relevant your listing is to the client’s search query. So you’re going to want to do a little search engine optimization on your Google Business Profile account. 

After you have made your law review listing.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for a review from satisfied law clients. More often than not, dissatisfied consumers use review platforms to review law firms and you don’t want their comments to be the only thing potential clients see. It also takes forty positive reviews to undo the damage of a negative one. Fortunately, many happy clients who are asked to leave a review will do so.

Remember that clients are going to be much more likely to trust the quality of your firm based on others’ experiences. Consumers understand that quality isn’t shown by having one 5 star review; that could be an outlier. They want to see several reviews, in addition to high ratings.

Maintaining each profile is just as important as being listed on review sites. Just throwing a profile up there and hoping for the best won’t do you much good.  For example, keep your business information up to date. If the hours of operation change make sure to update that information so people aren’t disappointed if they call and expect you to be available. 

Once you have some reviews going, reply and say thank you. Expressions of gratitude are always appreciated and remember, countless potential clients can view those interactions. Make sure to take advantage of that. 

Along the way though, inevitably a few folks are going to have some issues with your service and will review lawyers in your firm, unfavorably. Address them immediately, ideally within two hours. Always apologize and offer some sort of solution or compensation. 

When potential clients are shopping and they see you are willing to assist in every capacity, it will make you stand out. 

Visibility Is Everything

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Time is money, and yes, it’s a time investment to get these types of profiles off the ground, but the number of possible clients that will see your firm increases exponentially. 

Though remember, it’s not just a set and forget sort of thing. You need to be engaged with the reviewing system. Podium provides the review management you need all through one seamless platform. Text your clients and receive free reviews by signing up with Podium. The more effort you put in, the more return it will have. 

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