As an HVAC business owner, you know that there are tens of thousands of HVAC businesses in the US, each competing for a slice of the $130 billion industry. With millions of homes in the US with a central HVAC unit, your HVAC business must stand out from others in a competitive industry.

Have you ever thought about how you can make your HVAC company stand out from the competition? If you have not, you will risk getting lost in the crowd. There is no doubt that HVAC is a rapidly growing and changing industry and with new and improved technologies, various environmental concerns, and loads of new expectations from modern homeowners.  

As an HVAC business owner, you have to stay updated on the latest changes and updates to the HVAC industry. This is where leveraging online resources, such as HVAC blogs, can make your business more successful. Did you know that an HVAC blog can be a crucial part of marketing your HVAC company to current and prospective customers? Reading HVAC blogs also gives you insights on industry trends and tips on managing HVAC technicians.

However, we know that it can be challenging to find the time to identify which blogs are worth reading when you are juggling so many responsibilities.

As the owner of an HVAC business, you probably know and understand that the key to your business success is to stay updated with new and emerging technologies and changing expectations from your customers. You also have to stay abreast of the increasing desire for more energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

It is no secret that the internet is ideal for the latest industry news and events. So, whether you are a new business owner or veteran, you should stay on top of the latest and most reliable information in this dynamic and rapidly-changing industry by checking out these best HVAC blogs.

1. National Air Warehouse Blog

National Air Warehouse Blog

Did you know that National Air Warehouse is a top-rated heating and cooling retailer? The company provides customers with top-quality equipment at a reasonable price. As one of the leading suppliers of air conditioning units and HVAC technology, note that National Air Warehouse is an excellent place to turn if you are looking to read about various HVAC topics, such as indoor air quality.

Their content is engaging and insightful, and you will appreciate it as an HVAC business owner. The company showcases its insight and expertise in the industry through its blogs and a chat function that can assist you with any technical or general questions that you may have. 

2. Arista Blog 

Arista Blog

You may have heard of Arista. It is the most respected and reliable cooling, heating, and refrigeration company. The company is based in New York and focuses on green HVAC technology and sustainable practices. Arista blog is an excellent example of what an HVAC business can do to engage potential and current customers with approachable and relevant topics that provide insight into the benefits and advantages of a healthy and efficient residential HVAC system.

You will be happy to know that Arista has six decades of experience and knowledge in HVAC technology. The company shares this knowledge and expertise in the form of blogs to educate and inform business owners and contractors about the best practices and the latest in green HVAC technology.

3. ACHR News 

ACHR News 

This is another fantastic and insightful blog for HVAC business owners. Air Conditioner, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News is a popular news magazine (weekly) for HVAC business owners and contractors.

The articles on this site are informative and cover a wide range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and indoor air quality posts and topics in the residential and commercial sectors.

Also, it is worth noting that the ACHR blog shares high-quality content geared toward engaging HVAC professionals and business owners with high-level and detailed analysis of industry trends and information from qualified and experienced experts in the field.

 So, you should follow this informative HVAC blog to gain insights into the latest industry news and trends from seasoned and qualified experts.

4. Mr. HVAC Articles 

Mr. HVAC Articles 

There is no doubt that Mr. HVAC is another valuable online resource for HVAC business owners. The blog offers you free downloads and fantastic resources about HVAC.

You will be pleased to know that these resources include insightful management advice, essential information, and tips to help grow your HVAC business. And that is not all; the blog will help you stay updated on the latest HVAC business tips and recommendations.

5. HVACNews


HVACNews is another fantastic site dedicated to providing business owners with the latest industry news. Did you know that one excellent addition to this website is a whole section devoted to upcoming industry events?

These are mainly conventions where HVAC companies may want to showcase their products. However, keep in mind that the site’s news section also covers a broad and diverse swath of the HVAC industry.

6. Contracting Business

Contracting Business

You will be glad to know that Contracting Business offers the latest technical and business news to air conditioning and heating contractors. Did you know that Contracting Business is one of the leading publications in the home services industry?

The publication’s online HVAC section offers a tremendous resource for many HVAC professionals, such as contractors. It has everything from maintenance tips and new product photo galleries to detailed analysis of the latest technologies. This informative HVAC blog is a tremendously useful resource for business owners.

7. ACCA Blog


You may have heard of the Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA). It is the umbrella group of experienced AC professionals and represents over 60,000 industry professionals and 4,000 different companies. Also, it is worth noting that ACCA’s mission is to provide HVAC business owners and professionals with the resources and information they need to meet client expectations and exceed industry best practices. 

Suppose you run or manage an HVAC company. In that case, there is simply no better place to get the latest and most reliable information and resources regarding industry best practices, laws, and the latest legislation. Also, note that you will find an industry news and tips section to run a lucrative and successful HVAC company based on the latest market trends in the HVAC industry.

8. RefrigerantHQ


Did you know that RefrigerantHQ is an excellent blog and online resource for HVAC professionals and contractors dealing with refrigerator technology and refrigerants?

This blog will show posts on everything from the latest product reviews to reporting on potential legislation and laws that impact the HVAC industry. As a business owner, you will find this blog very valuable.

9. Energy Vanguard Blog

Energy Vanguard Blog

This is another insightful resource for business owners. The Energy Vanguard Blog offers tips and guides. Their dedication is to make homes more energy-efficient. Did you know that the company’s mission is to turn average homes into high-performance and efficient fortresses?

Some of the posts from Energy Vanguard cover things like improving HVAC design, energy efficiency, and lowering carbon footprints. Note that this is a valuable resource if you work on LEED or Energy Star-certified projects.

10. Sherlock Air Blog

Sherlock Air Blog

You will be happy to know that there is a lot of information on the insightful Sherlock Air Blog. It is also worth noting that Sherlock works hard to serve within its community and outside its community by providing discerning and valuable blogs on their site. Note that these blogs inform readers about all aspects of HVAC systems.

11. Richmond’s Air Conditioning Blog

Richmond’s Air Conditioning Blog

Richmond’s Air blog is an excellent resource for in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of components and industry practices. And you will like it as an HVAC business owner.

For example, in its HVAC Parts 101 series, you will find fantastic articles about expansion valves, air filters, and thermostats. Also, note that the blog even has valuable articles about respiratory health and how installing the right HVAC unit can help your customers.

12. Just Venting

Just Venting

You should know that Just Venting is another excellent blog for HVAC professionals. The blog informs you about different facets of HVAC. Did you know that Goodway’s famous “Just Venting” blog is written expertly by HVAC professionals?

You will like the blog as it tackles a wide range of complicated HVAC topics for anybody looking to learn more about the industry’s technological, environmental, social, and economic aspects. This HVAC blog is perfect for anyone involved in air conditioning and heating, building management, and maintenance.

13. Advent Blog 

Advent Blog 

Did you know that Advent Air Conditioning Inc. started in 1981? Since then, the company has been operating upon core values of quality, honesty, and integrity in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Advent blogs primarily focus on keeping business owners and contractors updated with the latest HVAC news and trends.

Final Thoughts

If you are an HVAC business owner, this list of the top HVAC blogs will prove useful to you. All these blogs have incredible value for almost anyone looking to know and understand the HVAC industry. Your HVAC company is likely a local business, and typically, customers search for local contractors. This is why you should leverage Google Business Profile to grow your business. Use these tips to collect more reviews for your HVAC business on Google Business Profile. You can also use Podium to improve your overall customer experience with sentiment analysis, reviews, messaging tools, Webchat, and a lot more. You can even get started using Podium for free today.

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