Mobile phones are the center of so many interactions in everyday life today. Texting is the most preferred method of communication across every generation. And expectations for conveniences, such as contactless payments and fast response times, have only increased since COVID-19. 

Is your property rising to the occasion? Read on to learn how to modernize your end-to-end communication with tenants and improve the overall experience with your property.


Use personalized messaging

Considering how frequently you interact with your tenants and how much information you collect for every tenant, there’s no reason for your communications to feel impersonal. Even if you’re using automatations to send emails or messages, including your tenants’ names can help each message feel more human and personal. 

One survey found that “more than 55% of property managers state they want to improve customer service, providing a more social face to the business.” Personalized messaging is one way to achieve this. In all of your communications, aim for a tone that feels conversational, friendly, and personal. 


Meet tenants where they are—their cell phones

Your customers spend an average of over four hours per day on mobile devices. Your best shot at communicating and connecting with tenants is to go where they already are—their mobile devices.

Whether you’re communicating with future or current tenants, it’s critical to optimize every step of the customer journey for a mobile experience. This includes your Google My Business listing (enable click-to-text features with Google Messages or Apple Business Chat), your website, advertisements, listings, social media profiles, virtual tour scheduling, and so much more. 


Make offering feedback easy—on a platform they already use

Your tenants undoubtedly have opinions on what’s going well and what could improve with your property. But with no clear channel for feedback, comments and complaints are often taken to social media and online reviews.

Provide the opportunity for your tenants to share feedback in the most popular channel for communication—text messaging. It’s a platform they’re already familiar with and is easy to manage on your end. Feedback can be requested, reviewed, and implemented sooner rather than later. Having the conversation via text also leaves the door open for further communication and check-ins throughout the tenant’s lease.


Make maintenance requests easy—via text

It’s already inconvenient for a tenant when something breaks or needs attention. Add in a frustrating communication channel that isn’t frequently checked, and all parties involved are going to be unhappy. 

Consider using texting for maintenance requests—it’s a modern solution to an age-old problem. When something needs maintenance, your tenants can simply text you the issue and you can stay on top of each request. 9 out of 10 customers prefer texting over emails, portals, or phone calls anyway. 


Implement mobile payments

In so many other places, contactless and mobile payments are the norm. But the payment process for rentals isn’t always so easy. Rather than using the tools that your business prefers (often online portals), try using the tools preferred by your tenants (texting).

Mobile payment links sent via text can be completed in seconds without the hassle of an additional platform for tenants to learn. Payments are secure and convenient for both ends. Speed to payment will likely increase and you’ll have another positive touch point with tenants. 

Your tenants are ready for a modern experience as a renter. Are you ready for a digital transformation? 

Discover more possibilities of modernizing end-to-end communication with your tenants—check out our Business Texting Playbook today.

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Elizabeth Gallagher
Elizabeth Gallagher Real Estate, Legal & Financial Services Account Executive

Elizabeth Gallagher is a real estate and legal professional at Podium, the premier messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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