Podcasts are an increasingly effective business management tool and many companies and business owners use them daily to help guide their decisions and work processes. There is a lot to be said for access to experienced advice and podcasts are full of expert advice for all kinds of topics.


If you own a dental practice and have been wanting to pick up tips and tricks related to effective dental practice management, you are not alone! This is a high-demand space and there are some really great dental podcasts out there that you need to check out!


If you are ready to learn more about the perfect dental practice management podcasts for your needs, read on!

Top dental podcasts you should be listening to. 

What makes for great podcasts? You should always feel that you have learned something at the end of each episode and the information that is contained in your podcast of choice needs to be verifiable and sourced from reliable people and experts.


While not all podcasts will share other resources that you can leverage to learn more about dental practice management, you need to be sure that the people giving you advice on the podcast know what they are talking about!


Vetting podcasts can be hard, but we have taken the guesswork out of the process for you with this handy list of the best dental podcasts for effective practice management.

#1 Dental Digest With Dr. Melissa Seibert

Dental Digest With Dr. Melissa Seibert logo

Dental Digest is one of the best podcasts related to the dental industry. Hosted by Dr. Melissa Seibert, she invites guests to her show who are the leading scientists and researchers in the industry. You will gain insights into a whole host of topics from dental practices to management tips and tricks for the dental office space. Dr. Seibert is a leading expert on everything that you need to know about the dental industry and her enjoyable podcast is a wealth of information.


Dental Digest is a leader for continuing education for dentists, and this podcast offers all of the same benefits as CE. You will find that you are learning more than you ever imagined that you could when you tune in to this dental podcast for practice management tips and tricks.


Many of the tips and tricks that Dr. Siebert offers are based on the visibility of your practice and ways to connect with and retain clients over the long term. There are many ways to make your business presence more readily available through expert strategic planning and content creation.

#2 Dental Professionals Get Off the Treadmill

Dental Professionals Get Off the Treadmill podcast logo 

This podcast was originally focused on giving dental practice owners advice about the process of navigating dental insurance billing, but it has since branched out to help dentists to balance work and life successfully. There are many practice owners who are drowning in too much work and have trouble balancing the needs of their practice with the needs of their families.


Mental health is always a concern for business owners who are doing too much. You need to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and your business should not feel like it is getting in the way of you being able to enjoy your life or spend time with your family. This balance of work and personal life does not have to be a struggle if you are armed with the right business management tools.


This dental podcast offers tips and tricks that will keep you from falling into the trap of taking on too much responsibility and drowning yourself in work. Everyone needs a good work-life balance and this podcast will help dental professionals to achieve this delicate balance while still creating a practice that is thriving and successful. 

#3 Dentistry Uncensored With Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored With Howard Farran podcast logo

This is a great podcast to help smaller, local practices to keep costs low and attend to the needs of their community. There are unique challenges associated with running small practices that are not present in larger operations. This podcast, hosted by Dr. Howard Farran, carefully navigates the difficulties of this kind of small practice life with care and attention to detail.


You will find lots of suggestions about how to keep your dental practice costs reasonable so that you can provide care to your local customers without sacrificing quality in your services. This podcast fills a great niche that is often underserved in the dental community and there are many great tips and tricks included in this podcast that will help any practice to promote itself without breaking the bank. 


From payment solutions for small businesses to ways to promote your dental practice to a smaller local audience, this podcast shares a lot of technical information that is targeted at all of the smaller practices that care for local town populations in the US.

#4 The Raving Patients Podcast

The Raving Patients Podcast logo

This podcast is perfect for dental practices of any size. There is no exchange for correctly-constructed marketing plans and the Raving Patients podcast helps practice managers and owners to figure out the right way to promote their practice and gain online visibility for potential new patients. 


This podcast also deals with cybersecurity and ways of increasing and promoting patient engagement via online interactions. Being able to provide a seamless online presence with tools for payments and insurance information can save your office staff time and help your practice save money. 


No matter the size of your dental practice, you will need to be able to get 5-star reviews and feedback online to be searchable in your area. There are many ways to make this process 100% effective and many of them are discussed in this podcast.

#5 Blatchford Solutions: Business Coaching For Dentists

Blatchford Solutions: Business Coaching For Dentists logo

This is a great podcast that covers all of the topics that dentists need to know to make their practice successful. There is no shortage of information here and the topics cover a wide range of information from insurance billing, to reducing stress, to hiring and managing staff.


Dental practice management can be hard work and often necessitates that practice owners wear many hats. This is a podcast that will help you determine what you can handle on your own and what kinds of activities are best outsourced to others. There is only so much that one person can do by themselves and this podcast helps business owners to make this assessment.


Work-life balance is often about passing off advertising and other kinds of business promotion to experts who can take care of these needs with daily attention and care. You have other things to be taking care of when you own a business, and advertising management as well as review management for your practice is a job that you can pass along to others.

#6 Business of Dentistry With Dr. Russell Kirk

Business of Dentistry With Dr. Russell Kirk podcast logo

If you have a private dental practice, you might be wondering how to manage all of the demands on your time. How can you see patients and also run your business? This is where a business strategy that is targeted at dentists can make a big difference for practice owners.


There are many ways to outsource some of the tasks that running a business demands of you, and some of the jobs that you have been handling yourself probably could be streamlined for better effect and time savings. This podcast, hosted by Dr. Russell Kirk, will teach you about the business side of the dental industry and keep you on track and accountable for your time and energy.


There is no exchange for a good work-life balance, and this podcast will help you to find the right amount of time in your day for your practice as well as for your family. No more missing out on all of the fun things in your life because you have a dental practice to run!

#7 The Dental Hacks Podcast

The Dental Hacks Podcast

This podcast is hosted by two dentists with many years of combined experience. They interview industry experts and combine forces to discuss successful ways of handling all aspects of dental practice management. There is no topic that is not covered by this podcast and you will find the variety of expert advice refreshing and informative.

Dental podcasts are a helpful tool for running your business. 

No matter what size your dental practice is, you will find that you cannot do it all. There are just too many jobs that need to be done each day when you own a dental practice for you to handle all of them. If you cannot afford a large staff to help you with the needs of your practice each day, you can at least focus on ways to create streamlined management solutions.


One of the best ways to give yourself more time every day is to make sure that you have an advertising and customer engagement company on your side. These kinds of essential activities will need to be handled daily and you are unlikely to have the time to take care of these needs each day while also seeing patients. Listening to dental industry podcasts can give you the helpful hints you need to be more efficient.


If you need help managing the daily needs of content creation, payment management, and collection of customer reviews and other information, you need to make sure that you have a skilled and experienced team on your side to take care of this for you. Reach out to us today for help with these important services and make your business highly visible to future patients right away.

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