7 websites to list dental jobs on.

As the owner or manager of a dental practice, you want to always ensure that you have the best possible team working for you. Having the right team makes everything go more smoothly. But you don’t want to have to waste your valuable time finding the right employees.

To save you time and let you focus on other aspects of running a dental practice, we’ve gathered a list of the top websites that you should list your dental jobs on.

None of the dental websites we’ve listed require job seekers to pay (with one optional exception we’ll mention). This helps you keep your options open and attract as wide of an audience as you can. That, in turn, should make it more likely that you will find the perfect fit for your job.

Top 7 sites your dental job listings must be on.

#1 ADA Career Center

screenshot of ADA Career Center Dental Website

If you only list your dental jobs on one website (which you shouldn’t do), make it the ADA Career Center. As this job listing board comes from the American Dental Association, it is the most highly regarded in the industry.

The only thing to keep in mind is that because the ADA runs this job listing board and maintains a strong reputation, there is a fee to list a job. Pricing starts at $250 for a 30-day listing. You can get discounts if you list the job for longer. There is also the option to pay more to highlight your listing in the search results. The extra fee can be worth it if you are struggling to find the right person to hire.

#2 Dental Post

screenshot of DentalPost Website

DentalPost is among the most highly regarded and widely used websites for posting dental job listings. This is another paid dental listing website, but it is more affordable than the ADA. Posting basic temp jobs starts at $89, and a basic job posting starts at $99.

One of the great things about this website is that it connects you with a network of more than 850,000 dental professionals. There is also an option to complete a resume search. This lets you search the resumes that job seekers have uploaded. There are also bundle packages that combine that and job listings.

#3 Monster

Screenshot of Monster Career Finder Website

Monster is among the largest job listing websites in the world, meaning that when you post your dental jobs on this website, you will have access to a wider pool of candidates. Of course, the downside is that most of the people who look for jobs on Monster are not necessarily looking for a job in dentistry.

To make up for the lack of focus, Monster has excellent filters and a convenient search bar. Additionally, the fact that it attracts people with all types of backgrounds can be incredibly useful if you want to hire a receptionist or another role that does not require dental experience. One of the best things about Monster is that you can list your job for free.

In addition to the standard free job listings, Monster offers various paid options and related services. You can pay for the ability to view resumes or pay for a performance boost that will increase the chances of your listing being seen.

#4 Indeed

Screenshot of Indeed Job Website

Indeed is another general job listing website that is worth using for your dental practice. You get similar benefits and caveats as you would with Monster. You get access to a wider pool of talent, which can be particularly helpful when filling a role that doesn’t require a dental background.

This is also one of the biggest names in job listings, meaning most people looking for a job are likely to check it. This means that whether you need a dentist, a specialist dentist, a dental hygienist, a receptionist, or another role, qualified candidates are incredibly likely to check this website.

Like Monster, Indeed offers the choice of free or paid job listings. This means that you can post your dental jobs on the website without having to pay anything. If you want to promote your post for a fee, that is also an option.

#5 MyDentalJobs

Screenshot of MyDentalJobs Career Website

Listing your job on MyDentalJobs has some pros and cons. It is a unique option on this list, as it only costs $20 to post a job. It is incredibly affordable because the company does not waste money on a fancy or modern user interface. Instead, the website is simple and perhaps a bit dated.

Don’t let appearances deceive you, as this website gets a fair amount of traffic. It also lets job seekers post their resumes. It also has the same benefit as many of the other sites on this list: It focuses on dental jobs. This increases the chances that the person searching for job listings would be interested in yours.

#6 iHire Dental

screenshot of iHireDental website

Posting a job listing on iHireDental can be a bit expensive, especially compared to some of the other options on this list. To make up for that, the website focuses solely on dental jobs. This increases the chances that people using the website to find a job are interested in and qualified for yours.

Another benefit is that every job ad you post includes simple management, automatic social recruiting, keyword optimization, applicant prescreening, and branded email alerts. This website also offers resume searches.

This is the only dental job listing website on the list that has a paid option for job seekers. The website offers its iMatch search technology to all applicants, whether or not they pay. However, job seekers must pay to have full access to all of the jobs. That means that if a potential applicant does not want to pay, they may not see your listing. On one hand, that can limit the interest you receive somewhat. On the other hand, most job seekers will still see your listing. Additionally, those who are willing to pay to view jobs are more likely to be serious about their search.

#7 Dental Staffing

Screenshot of Dental Staffing Website

As the name implies, Dental Staffing is another great choice for those who want to focus their attention on those looking for jobs in the dental industry. Employers have to pay to list a job, but the pricing is much more competitive than most of the other paid options on the list. Annual membership is just $169 and gives you unlimited listings, or each listing is $99 for 60 days with discounted renewals.

As mentioned earlier, the great thing about choosing to list your opening on a website like Dental Staffing is that you will attract people with experience in the dental profession. This should increase your chances of recruiting someone with the experience and skills that you are in search of for your team.

Industry hiring standards for dental professionals

In addition to listing your dental jobs in the right places, you also need to ensure that you offer competitive pay. You need to find the balance between offering enough to attract great talent but not wasting money by overpaying them.

The following figures can help give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay various professionals.

What is the highest paying dental job?

The highest paying job in the dental world will always be a dental specialty. Any dentist who chooses to specialize will receive a higher salary than a general dentist. Reports for average salaries can vary based on where you look. Based on two sources, the following are the highest paying dental jobs, all of which are specialties. For each, the figures listed are median or average incomes.

  •   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $210,715 – $400,000
  •   Endodontist: $300,000
  •   Periodontist: $207,456 – $275,000
  •   Orthodontist or Dentofacial Orthopedist: $270,000 – $278,286
  •   Prosthodontist: $262,528
  •   Pediatric dentist: $250,000

Dental Job Salary Chart

It is also worth noting that there are regional variations in salaries for all of these dental jobs. The following chart shows some variations for oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

What should I pay my dental assistant?

One of the dental jobs that you are more likely to post a listing for is a dental assistant. How much you should pay for this role depends on where you live. The national average pay for a dental assistant is $17.60 an hour.

This pay also has regional variations. The following chart lists the average salary for a dental assistant in the top-paying states.

Hourly Wage of Dentists in Specific States

Conclusion – Why dental jobs are relevant to your business.

Use the above websites to list your dental jobs, and you should be on your way to finding the right person for your job openings. By hiring the right people, you will improve your practice in the long run, improving revenue and patient satisfaction.

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