Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform is the ultimate customer success platform. It provides your business with the valuable tools it needs to streamline the customer journey.


How Podium Provides a Customer Success Platform

Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform helps your business set the stage for positive customer experiences. By streamlining all interactions with your customers, it ensures that all requests and needs are met in a timely, effective manner. Here are some of the many Podium features that promote customer success to help set you apart from your competition and grow your business.


Consolidate All Customer Communications

 Businesses today use many different communication tools to provide customer service. Your employees touch base with customers through your social media profiles, on review sites, via email, and even by sending text messages. But it can be time-consuming and frustrating to manage the various channels in which your customers are interacting with your business. Without a solution to streamline interactions, it can be easy to let communications fall through the cracks.

Podium’s Customer Interaction tool allows you to connect with new customers and offer customer service capabilities across multiple channels —all through one convenient, time-saving platform. Consolidating all customer interaction onto one platform is beneficial to both your business and your customers.

There is only one inbox to check, instead of having to log onto multiple websites to respond to customer messages. This saves time, improves the quality of customer interactions, and allows your employees to spend more of their time building your business.

Your customers can reach out via any method they prefer and receive a prompt response – whether it’s through text message, your company website, Facebook, or Instagram. Giving customers the freedom to choose which platform they use to interact with your business means more engagement, less frustration, and better user experience.

Streamlined customer communication promotes a better overall customer experience, which encourages customer success and loyalty. It also increases the likelihood of positive reviews and impressions.


Collect Customer Feedback Instantly

Podium allows you to solicit and receive real-time feedback from customers via two simple, automated text messages. You can use existing templates that are proven to provide high response rates or customize your prompts to gain valuable insight into the customer experience. 

Understanding how your customers perceive their interactions with your business empowers your employees to provide better customer service. You’ll have a holistic view of how clients experience using your products or services. This helps you make important improvements to enhance your sales process and customer journey.

Podium enables you to receive feedback in real-time. You can reach out to unsatisfied customers immediately to resolve issues, possibly turning them into satisfied, loyal customers. This not only prevents them from leaving a negative review, but also encourages them to give positive feedback.


Adds Context to All Conversations

Part of Podium’s Customer Success Platform is giving you a bird’s eye view of a customer’s history and all of their prior communication with your business. With each new message received, you can also skim through previous interactions to see how long they’ve been a customer, their specific needs, and any past issues they’ve encountered.

 When your staff has a full picture of a customer’s history, the customer is spared from having to repeat themselves at the start of each interaction. This helps mitigate frustration from both employee and customer and ensures that your staff member has the info they need to provide the best service possible.

 Personalized customer service greatly improves the customer experience—which leads to better online reviews and more customer referrals. 


Analyze Data for Customer Success

Having access to valuable customer data and analytics is a highly beneficial feature of Podium’s Customer Success Platform. It gives your business an upper hand over your competition, allowing you to identify positive and negative customer service trends.

Having real-time insights gathered from customer feedback and reviews allows your business to resolve issues faster and offer the best customer experience at all touchpoints of a customer’s journey.

Armed with real-time data, your business can quickly identify pain points in the customer journey that may not be obvious to leadership. Instead of making assumptions about your sales process, management can rely on hard data to inform important policies and sales decisions.


Get Podium’s Customer Success Platform

Through Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform, you’ll gain access to valuable tools and analytics that empower your team to provide unparalleled customer service.

In addition to consolidating all customer communications across various channels into one convenient, time-saving messaging portal, it also gives customers a more personalized experience. Your staff can handle requests based on the unique circumstances of each customer. You can also assign conversations to specific staff members to ensure customers are talking to the right people at the correct times.


How Straightline Collision is Integrating Podium’s Customer Success Platform

 Straightline Collision is an auto body shop that came to Podium to streamline their customer interactions. Having to deal with car repairs and insurance can be a headache for customers. Straightline wanted to alleviate this by offering a pleasant, stress-free, successful customer experience.

Straightline Collision implemented Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform, allowing its customers to communicate via text message. With this capability, the business was able to funnel all customer interactions—from estimates to contact information and delivery dates—into one communication dashboard. The auto body shop can now provide a positive, worry-free customer experience. Could your business benefit similarly from Podium’s tools?

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Nico Dato
Nico Dato Executive Vice President of Marketing

Nico Dato is the EVP of Marketing at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers. He fuses his passion for statistics, design, and digital marketing to produce measurable results.

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