Streamlining your business’s customer experience management process improves customer engagement and loyalty.

How Podium Provides Customer Experience Management 

What is the secret to stellar customer experience management? Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform can help you enhance the  customer experience, which can, in turn, promote customer engagement and customer loyalty. Here are some of the best Podium features for exceptional customer experience management that will set you apart from your competition. 

Interact Conveniently

Modern businesses must use a variety of different communications tools to offer the best customer service, but it can be time-consuming and stressful to consolidate communications. 

Podium’s Customer Interaction solutions allow you to manage customer communications and customer service across multiple channels—through one intuitive platform. Your staff can use Podium’s convenient interface to interact with customers on business-boosting social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Customers can also reach out via text messaging or through your website. 

Consolidating interactions into one platform is convenient for both you and your customers. Since your staff won’t have to check multiple websites to engage with customers, using Podium can save them time. Plus, customers can still reach out via whatever channel they’re most comfortable with and receive a more prompt response. Convenient interactions can promote better overall customer experience. Happy customers mean more sales and referrals.

Receive Real-Time Feedback

Want on-demand insights into the customer service and sales journey at your business? Podium allows you to solicit and receive real-time feedback from customers via text message. You can use convenient pre-formatted templates or craft your own strategic, personalized prompts to gain valuable insight into the customer experience. Who can better express to you how to improve your internal processes than the customers who actually purchase your products and services?

Understanding how your customers are experiencing your business can help you improve and enhance their overall experience. Since Podium enables you to receive feedback in real-time, you can make immediate changes and promptly reach out to unsatisfied customers to resolve issues.

Look at Conversations in Context

Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform gives you a holistic view of customer communications over time. That means more context for the important conversations taking place between your staff and customers. You can skim through previous interactions with customers to get a complete view of customer communications.

It can be frustrating for customers to have to keep repeating the same information they’ve already provided, so having the interaction history at the tips of your fingers can save your customers some trouble and give your current conversation a more personal touch. Having a context for conversations can help you provide a better overall experience for your customers by helping you understand their needs and previous interactions with your staff.


Data is power, and having powerful analytics solutions at your fingertips can give you the upper hand against the competition. Podium’s Customer Interaction Platform offers analytics to help you spot trends in customer feedback and reviews. 

Being able to spot trends across time can help you identify consistent issues customers are facing. Having this insight allows you to take the necessary steps to resolve those issues and provide a better customer experience, faster.

Get Podium’s Interaction Platform 

Interaction Management consolidates your conversations across multiple communication channels into one convenient platform. You can manage your conversations across Facebook, Instagram, Google, text message, and your website without having to log in to each channel separately. Customers can reach out via the channel they are most comfortable with, and you can reply in a way that is convenient for you and, more importantly, your customer.

To give customers a more personalized experience, Podium Interaction Platform also includes conversation history, allowing your staff to cater their responses to the unique circumstances of each customer. You can also assign conversations to specific staff members to ensure customers are talking to the right people at the right times.

How Utah Valley Dermatology is Doing Customer Experience Management with Podium Interaction Platform

Utah Valley Dermatology came to Podium with flaws in their customer experience that were affecting their bottom line. Customers had been eagerly calling to make appointments, but the call volume was so high that the clinic couldn’t keep up. The dermatology clinic now uses the Podium, allowing customers to reach out via text message instead of waiting on hold.  

In just a few months, Utah Valley Dermatology had over 2,700 active conversations with patients through the Interaction Platform. The business has seen a dramatic increase in the number of appointments successfully scheduled and has found that customers are more likely to schedule an appointment if they can schedule through an automated text message. Could your business see similar positive results?

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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