By supporting the meaningful, genuine conversations that keep customers engaged with your business, Webchat and Feedback give you the optimal conversational platform for attracting new customers.

Over 80 percent of customers only consider doing business with the brands they feel care most about them. That’s why it’s more important than ever to build a genuine, authentic rapport with your customer. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the digital noise.

With myriad apps and social media platforms customers use to communicate with businesses, it’s easy to miss out on the important conversations that bring in new business. Podium Webchat and Feedback give you the tools to deploy a strong conversational platform. Plus, they give you the centralized hub you need to develop lasting, loyal relationships with your customer base. 


Reach Customers Where They Are, Right When They Want to Do Business with You

A decade ago, you may have received a dozen phone calls each day. Today, smartphones and text-based messaging poll as the preferred means of customer communications, shopping, and brand research. Customers now find your business in venues where voice calls are impossible or intrusive; while watching television, commuting on the train, or even during work hours. 

Businesses that rely exclusively on voice miss these golden opportunities to connect with potential customers. Convenience is key: with Webchat, people can seamlessly communicate with you through your website, via text or their favorite social media platform. This makes it easy for your customers to reach out to you on their terms and elevates your business as an accessible, helpful choice. 


Drive New Business by Promptly Answering Customer Questions

When a prospective customer decides to take action to contact your business, it is your time to shine. Customers send in questions about business hours, inventory levels, and/or product details when their desire to do business with you is at its absolute highest. They’re ready to head to your location if you’re still open for the day, or are quickly scrolling through their phone during a short time span they’ve allotted to research your offering. 

If your current processes lead to long delays in response time, customers’ urgency to do business with you has likely dwindled by the time you get back to them. Worse so, they already chose to do business with a competitor. Podium Webchat’s birds-eye-view brings all of your customer communication into one centralized location, so you can quickly jump on any and all questions no matter where they originate. 


Show Customers You Care About Their Opinion

How often do you receive a survey request months after doing business with a company? By that time, most ignore providing their opinion, as it feels like their considerations would simply fall on deaf ears. With Podium Feedback, you can show your customers you truly care about their opinions by sending out surveys immediately after an interaction. 


Take the Guesswork out of Your Content Marketing by Discovering What’s Most Important to Your Customers

With Webchat’s streamlined hub of conversations, you’ll have an unparalleled window into what really matters most to your customers. While other businesses might struggle to develop relevant content, you’ll have a fresh perspective of what piques your customers’ interest. 

Find out what questions customers ask most frequently, or what aspect of your product or service sparks the most conversation. You can nimbly update your website based on common questions, or develop targeted blog and newsletter content focused on precisely what your customers want to see. 


Get Podium Webchat and Feedback

Grow your customer base in the long-run by showing customers you care. Being the convenient option that quickly addresses their questions and needs easily helps you stand out from your competitors. Understanding what matters most can transform your marketing outreach in new and exciting ways. With Podium Webchat and Feedback, you’ll have the ideal conversational platform you need to stay top of mind in your industry. 

Open, authentic communication with clients makes them more comfortable doing business with you. Loyalty Pawn understood that new customers were often unfamiliar with the pawnshop experience, and hesitated to visit their location. The ability to answer text-based questions through the company’s website set customers at ease, and gave them an energized confidence to come into the shop. By leveraging Webchat, Loyalty Pawn has significantly increased the number of new clients on both their website, and in their store. 

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Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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