As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard variations of the same questions asked countless times. It can become an annoying time sink to repeat answers, especially when this information is readily available elsewhere. But if you’ve been relying on one resource to cover all bases, it’s time to expand your customer communication strategy.

An excellent way to satisfy the needs of diverse customers is to synchronize your company’s public data with a variety of modern communication methods. Using text messages or short message service (SMS) is one of the most overlooked opportunities to reach customers today.

Setting up automated text messages helps deliver swift results, boosting your ability to retain customers and grow brand loyalty. It’s also an ideal method for collecting customer feedback so you can uncover and address common pain points.

It’s easy to see why a well-crafted auto-response system belongs in every successful SMS marketing toolbox. If better customer relationships pique your interest, keep reading for more details and a batch of copy-worthy text templates.

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Today’s Customers Want to Be Your Top Priority

Modern customers are masterful multi-taskers. Nearly everyone is carrying a stack of full plates at all times, trying to maintain composure during this impressive balancing act. The last thing anyone wants is to run into a snag that topples their daily to-do list.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when a customer is stuck on hold or waiting for an email reply. Momentum isn’t just lost for that individual. Sluggish responses also affect your company’s reputation and can diminish customer retention.

It’s important to keep in mind that anyone who is reaching out to your business has a problem they’d like to solve ASAP. Customers want their concerns to be a priority, and sitting in a queue feels like the exact opposite.

According to a Salesforce survey, 57% of customers turned to competitors that provided a better overall customer experience. That’s bad news if you’re not delivering the positive impression customers expect.

You might wonder how a small business owner can stay on top of every inquiry without large customer service teams. The good news is that text messaging helps you respond quickly—a significant boon to customer satisfaction.

Auto-Reply Texts Slash Customer Response Times

We’ve already talked about how customers are always on the go. You need to reach them on their schedule, at their location. Customer communication is all about convenience. Since just about everyone carries their cell phone with them, a text alert is the perfect way to get the attention of your customers.

Plus, survey reports show that text messages have an impressive open rate of 98%, far exceeding other modes of contact. It’s also been revealed that cell phone users read and respond to a staggering 93% of text messages within 3 minutes.

There’s no denying texts are an effective way to promote a product or service, especially in younger demographics who tend to text daily.

SMS marketing is handy for various types of outreach, including promotions, surveys, reminders, and information. With your customer’s permission, you’ll unlock access to this popular platform and start developing a mutually satisfying relationship.

The best part is that the right text messaging platform gives customers control over when to trigger helpful auto-responses. Whether it’s after hours, on a holiday, or any other busy moment, you’ll be ready to give them the 411 on their most pressing questions. No more waiting equals endless happy face emojis all around! 😄😍😊

Using Text Messaging to Streamline Customer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages are common resources found on websites and apps to give customers easy access to the answers they seek. A well-written and organized customer FAQ page can be a treasure trove of information, but not everyone wants to sift through lengthy lists of unrelated questions along the way.

Provide a positive customer experience by creating an alternate version of your customer FAQ that’s accessible through text messaging. This allows customers to get straight to the point and pose the exact question they have in mind without pesky distractions.

Automations will allow you to pair questions with answers from your pre-populated database, so that you can deliver the most accurate response without delay, even if you don’t have a 24/7 support team of employees.

Top Reasons to Get On Board with Automated Text Messaging for FAQ:

→Helps save time and frustration for both you and your customers

→Allows customers to communicate from nearly anywhere, anytime

→Provides accessibility for customers who need alternatives to speech and audio

→Makes it easier for customers who are uncomfortable with phone calls

→Keeps a reviewable record of the message on cell phones until deleted

→Increases customer satisfaction with those who prefer communicating their way

→Creates an easy way to analyze customer experience and gain valuable data

→Reduces the amount of questions you and your staff need to field

Swipe These Customer FAQ Response Templates

Ready to reduce your average response time but not sure where to start? Check out our suggestions below for some customer FAQ ideas. Go ahead and grab the templates that sync up to your business, or change any of them to suit your unique needs.

Common Queries

Some questions are more universal, such as your business address, operating hours, and the areas served. Create a seamless experience for customers to soak up this information on the go with a few screen taps.


Q: What are your business hours?

A: Hi [CONTACT NAME]. Our business hours are: 


Feel free to text or call us at this number if you have any other questions.

Business hours template

Q: Where are you located?

A: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]. We are located at [ADDRESS]. Here is a link so you can find us on Google Maps: [LINK].


Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]. Yes! If you’d like a free estimate for electrical work, please call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or fill out this form: [LINK].


Specific Sales

Sometimes people want to know what they’re getting into and have a few questions. Auto-responses can provide all the essential details before a purchase and potentially even speed up the conversion process. It’s a win-win.


Q: Do you offer gift cards?

A: Hi [CONTACT NAME]. Yes! We do offer gift cards. If you’d like to order one, visit our site: [LINK] or come purchase one from us in-store. Respond to this number if you have any other questions.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Hi [CONTACT NAME]! Great question. Our return policy is: 

[RETURN POLICY]. Let us know if you have any questions or need help starting your return.

return policy template

Q: What documentation do I need to buy a car?

A: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME]. To buy a car, you need a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, proof of income, proof of residence, and a form of payment. Please text or call this number with any other questions.


Service Providers

Things go wrong at the most inconvenient times, and customers often need to know how to handle these situations before you’re available to get back to them. Quell concerns by providing the most relevant answers and solutions via text.


Q: How often should I replace my air filters?

A: Hi [CONTACT NAME]. You should replace your air filters every 1 to 3 months depending on usage. Air filters are vitally important to the performance of your HVAC system and indoor air quality. Text or call [PHONE NUMBER] if you have any other questions.


Q: How can I lower my electric bill?

A: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME] Some things you can do to lower your electric bill include: Turn off lights you aren’t using. Consider running your AC less. Upgrade to high-efficiency light bulbs. Please call or text this number if you have any other questions.


Q: Are you taking new patients?

A: Hi [CONTACT NAME]. Yes! We are currently taking new patients. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with [EMPLOYEE NAME] text or call this number. We hope to see you soon.

new patients template

Level Up Your Customer Experience with Podium

Podium simplifies SMS marketing so you can align your small business with great customer service. Through our system, you’ll be able to add pre-written responses to your customer’s most common questions. If more personalized information is required, your customers can ask for a follow-up from your customer service team.

Remember, you will benefit the most if your customers feel heard and understood, leading to profitable repeat business alongside a reduction in customer complaints. Get serious about modern marketing and try our starter plan to connect with your audience via SMS text messages.

We care about your customer experience, so we created a guide that will help you master rapid customer response times. Check it out here

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Jono Andrews Group Manager of Product Marketing
Jono is a Group Manager of Product Marketing at Podium, the premiere marketing and communications platform that connects local businesses with their customers.  He loves to help local businesses see success in creating the best customer experience.

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