Using auto-reply messages is an excellent way to save your business time. You can use these replies for simple tasks that don’t require a human response, or use them to let clients know how soon they can expect a response from your business.

Once you familiarize yourself with auto-reply message samples, you can easily incorporate them into your marketing and communications strategies. Remember that auto-replies work for both emails and text messages.

These auto response examples can be useful in a range of situations, from confirming appointments to welcoming new subscribers to providing details of a purchase. These are also incredibly helpful if you have limited business hours and someone contacts you outside of them.

What are auto-reply messages?

Auto-reply stands for automated reply, and as the name implies, it is when you send a predefined or pre-written response following an action.

That action could be a customer making a purchase, sending you a message, or any event that requires a response. These messages are particularly helpful for times when you are out of the office. 

Why are auto-reply messages important for businesses?

There are several reasons why auto-reply messages are so important for business. These reasons include time savings for both you and your clients, along with customer satisfaction.

Customized auto-reply message samples ensure that your clients are always up-to-date on relevant information. For example, a customer sends you an email while your business is closed for the day. You can use an auto-reply message to acknowledge their email and provide an estimated time for your response.

Using auto-reply templates also lets your business maximize customer engagement, as you make yourself continuously available across various channels. With an auto-reply, you can keep your customers engaged more easily.

In addition, customers tend to value brands with prompt response times. A quick response is linked to high customer satisfaction as it shows clients that you care about them. Auto-replies let you deliver this quick response time, whether or not you are in the office at the time.

Auto-replies are also useful for giving customers additional instructions to resolve their issues or continue their purchase. 

Tips before we start

Before we explore some of the auto response examples and templates, there are a few best practices that you should keep in mind. Follow these great tips whether you use one of our auto-reply message samples and customize it to your business or create a new one from scratch. 

1. Focus on your tone.

The tone that you use when adapting auto-reply message samples to your needs is also very important. The right tone should be in line with the rest of your communications. So, if your marketing message is professional in tone, so should your auto-reply messages. If your business’ messaging is more casual or conversational, use that type of tone. 

In addition to the focus on the overall tone and formality of the message, you should also pay attention to the words that you use. Avoid using technical jargon or complex language that your customers are unlikely to understand. 

2. Provide alternative ways of customer contact.

One of the reasons to set up automatic replies is to improve customer contact and engagement. But that only works if you make sure that your customers can still reach you when needed.

For example, if you work directly with a certain client but are on vacation, your auto reply message should give them the contact information of another person who can help. This way, your client knows what to do if he or she needs immediate assistance. 

Depending on the type of auto-reply message, you can offer an alternative contact email address, a live chat, a phone number to call or text, or a contact form. If you have a support or FAQ section on your website, you can suggest that as well. You can even create a blog post or two with common after-hours questions and solutions. 

You can also use an auto-response message to direct customers to available resources, like the support page, and remind them of your business hours. 

3. Personalize your automated messages.

You’ve probably already incorporated personalization into your various marketing strategies. Personalized messaging in marketing materials makes customers feel more valued.

Use this strategy with your auto-replies as well, whether it is an auto reply email or text message. With technology, it is incredibly easy to set up an autoresponder email that fills in specific fields based on the information you have about clients.

Do not overlook the importance of personalization in automated messages. This will help keep customers more engaged. It will also make your messaging stand out among those of your competitors.

Remember that personalization boosts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. That, in turn, can result in positive reviews and referrals. 

With those tips in mind, explore some of these auto-reply templates that you can use for various scenarios.  

Example #1: Immediate assistance for urgent matters

These automated reply messages include the important information that customers need to contact you if there is an emergency. If your clients are likely to have an after-hours emergency that requires your assistance, then make sure to include this element in your auto-responder.

Veterinarians, plumbers, and electricians are all examples of professionals that should consider including emergency contact information in their automated messages. You never know when clients will have urgent matters. 

An example of these automated replies would be:

“We are currently closed. We open at [time]. For emergencies, please call [cell phone number].”

You will notice that this type of automatic reply almost always includes a mobile number clients can contact with urgent matters. 

You can also apply this to less urgent emergencies. Consider the following example, which lists an alternative contact person. In those cases, be sure to include this person’s contact information. 

auto reply message example

Example #2: Limited access

Sometimes, you will be in a situation where you have limited access to one contact method but can easily be reached via another. For example, maybe you don’t have internet access, but you have cellphone access. Or maybe you are out of the country and you have email access over Wi-Fi but cannot use your mobile phone for calls or texts. 

In this situation, the auto-reply template should let recipients know the best way to reach you and how long this will be the case. Include your return date as well, which is something you can see in these office message examples. 

offering multiple options - auto reply messages

Example #3: Vacation responder

One of the most common situations, when you want to use these auto-reply message samples, will be if you are out of the office, like when you’re on vacation or on a business trip. This is also called an out-of-office message or a vacation responder. 

In this case, be sure to include the date that you will return and an alternative contact person, as well as that person’s contact information. You can customize the following auto-reply template to include your return date and other relevant information. 

auto reply message

Example #4: Add a personal touch

These auto response examples incorporate some personalization. Remember that most auto-replies should be somewhat personalized to the receiver.

Adding visuals to auto reply messages

Example #5: Welcome message 

These are the automated replies you send to clients right after they give you their contact information as part of your lead generation campaigns. Most customers expect to receive one of these messages. These auto-response messages give you a chance to boost engagement and show subscribers what makes your company stand out.

welcome email example casper

The impact of auto-reply messages

Using the above auto-reply message samples will help you deliver excellent customer service. This, in turn, will maximize customer satisfaction. 

People expect to get fast replies to messages, whether it is a confirmation email message or a question sent to your customer service team. Using an automated reply message lets you deliver these fast replies even outside of your normal business hours.

With an auto reply, you also improve transparency. After all, customers know what to expect from you and when they can expect a response.

You can use auto-replies as a way to boost customer engagement and spread your reach. For instance, you could modify the auto response examples above to thank customers for placing orders or signing up for your newsletter.

You can even get creative and use auto-response examples for content promotion of a secondary offer. For example, you may have an offer that doesn’t quite fit into an order confirmation email but would make sense in a follow-up email if someone requests more information.

Potential downsides of auto-response messages

While there are many benefits of using auto-reply message samples, you should also be aware of some caveats.

A common potential issue is that no matter how much you personalize it, automatic messages will not always have the level of personalization that customers want or expect. Savvy customers can tell that these are automatic responses. You can counter this by providing personalized service at other times or using customized follow-up responses.

You will have to spend some time setting up your automatic responses correctly. However, keep in mind that once auto-reply messages are set, you will start saving time almost right away. 

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