Attracting customers is no longer as simple as getting listed in a phone book or handing out business cards. As the business landscape becomes more complex and the internet drives more competition, you need to back your appliance repair marketing with smart digital strategies that are proven to work.

As great as it would be to gain customers just by the quality of the services you provide, top-notch work alone won’t make you the star of your industry. There’s bound to be more than one appliance repair business in your market, and if their marketing efforts are far more effective than yours, you may have a tough time getting customers to choose you.

If you know your appliance repair company offers the best services in your area, you need to prove it. With the marketing strategies below, you’ll be better equipped than ever to reach and convert your potential customers.

5 appliance repair marketing strategies

When you’re marketing an appliance repair service, pretty much anyone with a home in your market—rented or owned—can become a new customer you service. Whether you specialize in fixing fridges or washing machines, potential appliance repair leads will seek businesses like yours as soon as their essential home equipment breaks down. And many customers, if not most, use the internet to find their home repair solutions.

Before your appliance business can even be considered as the right answer to appliance repair needs, your brand needs to be where these shoppers go to find help. This means you need to shift your appliance repair marketing mindset to think digital first.

Here are five effective online marketing strategies you can use to reach and captivate your audience:

1. Appliance Repair Website

A high-quality website is critical for appliance repair marketing. Unnecessary phone calls are a big pet peeve for many consumers, especially younger generations. That means when your potential leads seek help, they want all the information they need on one easy-to-navigate site.

Your website should include crucial business details like your service area, your hours of operation, your contact information, and the types of appliance services you offer. However, the most effective websites will also let potential customers digitally reach out to you for questions and appointments.

Many appliance repair business owners do so by embedding a contact form on their homepage, landing pages, and other pages. That way, when a customer submits an inquiry, you quickly receive an alert and can respond via email.

However, if you improve your customer experience even further, you can add a customizable widget to every page to start conversations via text. This communication channel is highly preferred because it’s more convenient than email and less intrusive than a call. As the conversation starts, warm leads will be sent straight to your CRM (customer relationship management).

Great appliance repair websites also use best search engine optimization (SEO) practices on each page, like including relevant keywords and making the website mobile-friendly. The more SEO-friendly your site is, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) so shoppers visit your website before your competitors’ sites.

2. Google Business Profile Marketing

SEO is powerful in any industry, but in appliance repairs, local SEO can make a particularly big impact. Since your appliance repair customers are all located in a specific service area, ranking high for local search results will help you reach the most relevant customers. This can lead to more high-quality lead generation, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, a far better return-on-investment (ROI).

One of the most effective methods for boosting your rank on local search engine results pages (SERPs) is optimizing your Google Business Profile. A completed page—which includes your office location and service area—will directly inform Google of what local searches you’re relevant for. It also allows you to show up on highly visible SERP features like:

    • Local packs, which displays three relevant businesses under a map for local searches.
    • Knowledge panels, which feature a full panel of information about your brand when Google determines your business to be a direct match for a search.

Simply claiming your Google business profile and filling out all requested information about your company can help you show up on more local SERPs than before. A tip: Use frequently searched keywords in your profile whenever possible.

As you start actively using your Google Business Profile to interact with customers, which may involve engaging with reviews and posting updates, your rank will improve and your brand will further stand out.

3. Pay-per-Click Ads

Local SEO doesn’t always guarantee you’ll reach the right audiences. As high-traffic SERPs tend to be extra competitive, it can be hard to organically reach the top. This is where paid ads can come into play.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engines like Google or Bing drive any page of your website directly to the top of SERPs for keywords you want to target. Though the cost per click is higher for the most popular keywords, investing in this appliance repair marketing channel is a surefire way to generate leads fast in a short period of time.

PPC ads tend to be effective ads that promote the landing pages you create for each keyword you target. This way, the web page your audience is directed to will always speak directly to their needs. For example, if you’re targeting the key phrase “oven repair Miami,” your ad should direct customers to a page that talks directly to locals in the Miami area about oven repair services. This personalization can convince many shoppers to convert or, at the very least, request a quote.

4. Social Media Marketing

The long-term growth of any business depends on your ability to build great relationships with your audience before and after they convert. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement and build loyalty for your appliance repair service.

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram give you the chance to show off your brand’s personality. Beyond posting your own content, which can promote your values and services, you also engage directly with the customers who use or are interested in using your services. When these consumers consistently feel heard, they’re more likely to choose your brand in the future.

On a local level, social media ads are extremely powerful, as they allow you to target consumers in specific cities and even zip codes. This allows you to grow a highly relevant audience and build two-way relationships with people in your community.

5. Online Reviews

Promoting your own business is a great start, but if you really want to convince leads to convert, online reviews can be an incredibly effective appliance repair marketing technique. The majority of U.S. consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations.

You may already know that reviews on Google and Yelp can help you stand out, but for appliance repair companies, receiving and engaging with reviews on industry-specific platforms is crucial. Sites like HomeAdvisor,, and Angie’s List are already used by warm leads—people who are ready to purchase a service like yours. So if your business listings are filled with positive reviews, you can generate a large number of leads and convert them into customers.

To start gaining and engaging with reviewers, all you need to do is claim your free profiles and ask your customers to leave feedback. If you want to speed up the process, you can use an automatic review invite tool to follow up with customers via SMS after you finish a job. You can respond to reviews on a streamlined platform as soon as they start rolling in.

Capture Great Appliance Repair Leads

Growing an appliance repair business requires you to start implementing marketing strategies that create measurable results. Today, this means jumping on the web and reaching customers on online platforms where they search for services like yours. From setting up your Google Business Profile to using social media, these five appliance repair marketing techniques can help you become a home service leader in your service area.

When you’re ready to implement more marketing techniques into your strategy, you may want to consider targeting local customers even further. To that end, read our guide to the eight best local marketing tactics and the tools you need to master them.

Jennifer Wilson
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