We have all been in a position of needing money in a hurry. Whether we have chosen to sell something to a friend or take an item to the nearest pawnshop, we want to part with an item for the best price we can get.

If you find you are in a pinch and need to liquidate for cash, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when pawning an item. First, make sure it is in the best possible condition. Make sure it is clean and be sure to do any needed repairs. Be clear about expectations when working with a pawnshop, and duly note your deadlines and fees.

When you are purchasing from a pawnshop, take the time to look at shops in Los Angeles for the best rates. Visit websites when possible and learn if the shop is family-owned or not. Shopping at pawnshops can be a fantastic way to get a good deal, but you have to pay attention. Ask to test any electronics and make sure to plug them in before finalizing a purchase.

If you are looking for a pawnshop that will treat you well and has excellent reviews, keep reading. We have gathered a list of several shops in the LA area for you to consider.

LA Pawnshop

Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop

Mr. Steve’s is open seven days a week until midnight. It offers collateral loans on watches, coins, laptops, gaming systems, jewelry, diamonds, and more. Its employees speak Spanish, making it ready to serve the Latin community.

Mr. Steve founded it and still runs it today. Boasting the largest selection of estate jewelry, watches, and diamonds in Southern California, the store takes up over 5,000 square feet. Established in 1988, it is located on 3800 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA. You can call the shop at 323-735-0110.

LA Top Pawn Shop

Local residents like to take their items to LA Top Pawn Shop for a fair price and quick transactions. This shop that can meet your fast cash needs is located at 4119 Beverly Blvd. The process is simple, and it has watches, electronics, silver, and a wide selection of jewelry items.

Zak’s Famous 24-Hour Pawn Shop

If you are looking for more money, consider Zak’s Famous 24-hour Pawn Shop. One of the biggest stores offering pawn services in the area, Zak’s pawnshop is known for being a company with a large selection of jewelry and watches. It offers quick transactions for the best value. Zak’s pawnshop is one of the more famous in the area and is worth visiting just to shop. It is located at 6767 Santa Monica Blvd, LA. You can find it online at www.zaksla.com or contact it by phone at 323-703-5931.

Hollywood Pawnbrokers

If you are looking for quality items to purchase at reasonable rates, consider Hollywood Pawnbrokers. This business can hold your property securely, making sure you get the value you deserve. It offers collateral loans, loans on musical instruments, as well as other pawn services. Bring your game systems in for a free appraisal and fast cash. You can find Hollywood Pawnbrokers at 736 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038. To find the value of what you are selling, call 323-463-3760.

Beverly Pawn n Cash Shop

If you’re looking for a shop that is more customer-driven, consider Beverly Pawn n Cash Shop. You will find quality items and services here. If shopping, come through and view the various pieces of jewelry, diamonds, watches, and more. You will find this place of business on 3802 Beverly Blvd in LA. To learn more about its loans and services, give it a call at 231-383-5362.

King’s Jewelry & Loan

If you are looking for great customer service, King’s Jewelry & Loan is the pawnshop to visit. For those interested in cash loans or pawn loans, you won’t find more competitive rates. King’s Jewelry & Loan on 800 S. Vermont Ave. is the pawnshop to visit in Los Angeles.

The business offers a variety of loan services and has a wide selection of watches, diamonds, coins, and more. Customers have reviewed its services as excellent, with many stating they would return to get the best prices on jewelry.

Community Pawn Shop

If you want the best deal for your family, check out Community Pawnshop. It is one of the best pawnshops in L.A., offering loans on musical instruments, luxury watches, and power tools. It has excellent customer service. You can sell your game systems here and get a free appraisal on other items you want to sell. You can get loans for as little as $5 and up to $20,000 and pay nominal interest. It is located at 4401 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. You may also call it at 323-306-0248

Western Loan & Jewelry

For those looking to get the best deals on the market, Western Loan & Jewelry is the store to visit in confidence. You can buy or sell gold, silver, electronics, coins, jewelry, and more. It has excellent services and fair prices on its inventory. You can utilize their low-interest loans and save money. Located in east Los Angeles, this pawnshop has served local residents for many years. You can visit it online at www.westernloan.com to confirm if it requires credit checks and what items it buys. Give it a call at 323-210-4500.

Elliot Salter Pawnshop

You can get discreet service at Elliot Salter Pawnshop. When you need to sell power tools, smart TVs, or game systems, it offers the best prices and fast cash. If you are selling electronics, come over to Elliot Salter Pawnshop in West Hollywood, CA. You can get a loan on gold or silver items fast and with excellent customer service.

Latino Pawn and Jewelry Store

If you are looking for a neighborhood pawnshop, Latino Pawn and Jewelry Store is the spot to visit. It offers diamond jewelry, cash loans, game systems, and so much more. It is Los Angeles’s leading provider of pawnshop items. You can find this shop at 1724 E Florence Ave. Contact the shop at (323) 586-0626.


Whether you are looking for a shop that is family owned or one that specializes in video surveillance equipment, it will pay to do a little research and get in touch with the shop that can help you meet your needs. We recommend you make some phone calls to see which shops have the best interest on loans and what services are being offered. This will help you get the best experience.

Are you a pawnshop or other business in Los Angeles that hopes to be on lists like these in the future? Consider improving your number of reviews with some help from Podium. Reviews are one of the biggest considerations new clients have when choosing where to shop, and they were one of our major considerations when choosing which Los Angeles pawnshops to include.

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